Cattleman's Quiz

Time Allotted: 90 minutes---There will be ten-minute warnings provided following the first 30 minutes.

Materials: There will be a Sire Summary, quiz questions, answer sheet, and a number 2 pencil provided to each participant. Contestants may bring high-lighters, however, they will not be given out. Bringing notes, books, or reference materials is not permitted.

Dress: There is no required dress for this contest.

The Cattleman’s Quiz is a collection of multiple choice and true/false questions, testing the contestant’s knowledge on the Simmental/Simbrah breeds, as well as the beef industry as a whole. Please see contest rules for other details.

Additional Resources

  • AJSA Study Materials

    On this site, there are mainly U.S. statistics concerning the beef industry over the years.

    This site provides information regarding getting beef from the pasture to the plate and contains valuable information to look through.

    This is a general site that presents many different websites in regards to the beef industry, including, Beef and the land, bovine myology and muscle profiling, beef production: myth versus truth, and much more!

    This page provides the history of the Simmental breed. It states its origins around the world and what is presently is. Visit this page to become more familiar with the history of the breed.

    This is the official website of the American Simmental Association. Visit this page to find out what is going on in the Simmental breed, as well as, learn about the history of the breed and the association.