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Sales talk uses a live setting complete with a live animal or a photo and potential buyers. This contest is a mock sales situation—you are selling your animal to buyers. The purpose is to evaluate the effectiveness of the presentation and the contestant’s ability to merchandize cattle. Contestants will be judged on their knowledge of the animal they are selling, their ability to relate important information about the animal, and their overall effectiveness in convincing the judges to buy the animal.

Time Allotted: 5-7 minutes

Materials: Live animal or a photo (no larger than 8 x 10) and a registration certificate for the animal being “sold”. If using a live animal you will need a friend to hold the animal for you during your presentation.

Dress: There is no required dress code but it is important to keep in mind that appearance is important when marketing yourself and your animals. Nice jeans, boots, and button down shirts are suggested.

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