Breeding Composite Seedstock Part I
Breeding Composite Seedstock Part II
Rick Bourdon, Ph. D.
Colorado State University
There is a growing interest among commercial cattle producers in the use of composite cattle as an alternative to crossbreeding. Naturally there is a parallel interest among seedstock breeders, many of whom are currently purebred breeders, in producing composite seedstock. What these breeders need to understand, however, is that there are fundamental differences between breeding composite seedstock and breeding purebreds.

The Case for Composite Commercial Cattle
Rick Bourdon, Ph. D.
Colorado State University
This article evaluates composite breeding systems and in so doing give you a feeling for the relative strengths and weaknesses of composite cattle.


Crossbreeding the Forgotten Tool             Presentation
Jim Gosey, Ph. D
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Most ranchers know crossbreeding can increase output, but perhaps, don’t appreciate the potential 25% crossbred advantage in lifetime productivity of crossbred cows. Yes, you read that correctly; 25% crossbred advantage in lifetime productivity. In recent years many commercial cow herds have changed dramatically as producers have opted to repeatedly top-cross Angus bulls on their commercial cows resulting in loss of heterosis and loss of complementary breed effects.

Improving Cowherd Reproduction Via Genetics
Wade Shafer, Ph. D.
American Simmental Association
This 5 page article summarizes the genetics of reproduction and the fastest ways to make genetic progress for improved reproduction in your cow herd. 

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