What are EPDs and How Are They Calculated?


Fundamentals of Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs)
Darrh Bullock, Ph. D.
University of Kentucky
This 4 page article describes the basics of EPDS, how they are generated, how to compare sires with different EPDs, and what different accuracies really mean.

Understanding and Utlilizing EPDs in the Selection of Sires
Matt Spangler, Ph. D
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Watch this ~30 minute presentation about how to use EPDs, genomically enhanced EPDs, and economic indexes

Interpreting EPD Accuracy and Possible Change
Scott P. Greiner, Ph. D.
Virginia Tech
What does the accuracy of the EPD really mean? Does a bull with lower accuracies have more variation in his calf crop? No. It simply means that his true breeding potential is not well known and his EPDs could change more with more information. Read this short summary to learn more.

EPDs and Indexes Defined.
American Simmental Association.
Definition of the EPDs and Selection Indexes

From Phenotypes to EPDs - The Genetic Model
Wade Shafer, Ph.D. 



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