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The American Simmental Association office and ASA Publication will be closed December 25-26, 2014 in recognition of the holiday.

Foundation Auction 2015

January 18, in Denver, Colorado. in conjunction with the Annual Meeting and Convention,Once again, the ASA Foundation Auction will be held.

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Werning Cattle Co
Designated Foundation Mission: Education/Merit Awards
Animal Name:
Animal Registration Number: 2900359

Sale Name: The One
Sale Date: 1/19/2015

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Davis Ranch, LLC
Designated Foundation Mission: Research/Feed Intake Project
Animal Name: EDR Wade Shafer A 53
Animal Registration Number: 2779885
Sale Name: Strickland-Driggers Bull Sale
Sale Date: 12/13/2014

SOLD TO: Boyett Farms, Anthony and Landon Boyett of Reidsville, GA

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Figures help US Simmentals stand out

Figures help US Simmentals stand out
Stock Journal

EMBRACING crossbreeding, total herd recording and the use of production indexes has positioned the Simmental breed strongly in the United States, according to members of the American Simmental Association who visited Australia recently.

The breed has the second-largest impact on the US cow-calf industry behind Angus. Seventeen per cent of yearling bulls sold in the US each year are Simmental-influenced genetics, made up of half SimAngus and half pure Simmental.

Association chairman Jim Butcher, Gateway Simmentals, Montana, said a large proportion of the breed's recent success could be attributed to its state-of-the-art evaluation system.

"We at American Simmental are really interested in selecting for things that impact profit and that's where these dollar indexes and self-replacing index come in. We are trying to put values on the important traits," he said.

Total herd inventory recording is a compulsory requirement of stud membership - one of just two breed associations which have done this.

The association has the largest multi-breed inventory in the world with 300,000 new records added each year.

Article continued here...

(Photo and article taken from the Stock Journal website).

K-State’s Winter Ranch Management Series

K-State’s Winter Ranch Management Series Set for January; Focuses on Replacement Heifers.

The series will highlight best management and selection practices for replacement heifers and allow producers to ask questions of extension specialists in a 'town-hall' style verbal exchange. The series is set to kick off in January.   Click here for more information.

2014 Election - Board of Trustees Candidates

From the Desk of Wade Shafer, EVP

Trustee Elections in Three Regions:
As a result of the recent nomination procedure, members in the Eastern, North Central and South Central Regions will be voting for Trustees. The Western Region had no successful write-in candidates. Ballots will be mailed on or before November 19, with the deadline of December 19, for votes to be counted. Here is the full slate of candidates by region, along with their bio information:
Eastern Region: Four candidates will vie for two seats:

Brian DeFreese, West Point, IN
Eastern Region

To all Eastern Region American Simmental Association Members:

My name is Brian DeFreese and I am asking for your vote in this upcoming election. Over the last three years I have tried to represent the interests of all Eastern Region members on the ASA Board with honesty, integrity and transparency. I have attended many events and been there to listen to your concerns, questions and ideas. Many of these I have taken to the ASA Board meetings, addressed them, and helped make changes for the better. I would like to stay on the ASA Board for three more years because there is much work to be done in the area of expanding support for youth programs.

Many of you may have read my recent viewpoint in the Register. If not, please take the time to do so. We are in a time where interest in SimGenetics is at an all-time high and we need to capitalize on that in the coming years to chart a course to increase membership and market share.

I would like the opportunity to help bring all members together. It doesn’t matter what facet of the industry a member is in, we need to work together to build a strong ASA so that we can assist our membership, our youth and our customer base in their endeavors.

Please take time out of your busy schedules and vote online or by ballot. It is an important election that will impact the course of the ASA for years to come. Thanks and let me know what you think!

DeFreese is the owner of Shawnee Cattle Company at West Point, Indiana. In addition to his own herd of Simmental, he serves as manager of the Purdue University Beef Unit, which produces commercial females and feedlot steers from a cowherd of 300 SimAngus cows and 100 replacement heifers. After attending the University of Indiana for three years, he graduated in 1974 from Purdue, then spent nine years traveling the US and Canada, working for several purebred cattle operations. He farmed and raised cattle for more than 30 years before accepting his present position at Purdue in 2007. Now completing a three-year term on the ASA Board of Trustees, he has been active in the Hoosier Beef Congress, the Indiana State Fair and the Indiana Performance Tested Bull Sale. He's also a member of the Indiana Beef Cattle Association and served as president of the Tippecanoe County Cattleman's Association. DeFreese and his wife, Marla, are the parents of three grown children: J.D., Rob, and Katelyn.

Jimmy Holliman, Marion Junction, Alabama
Eastern Region

Dear ASA members:
I would like to ask for your vote to elect me to serve as a Trustee from the Eastern Region on the ASA Board of Trustees.
I graduated from Mississippi State University with a BS in Animal Science and a MS in Ruminant Nutrition & Animal Breeding. At Mississippi State I was a member the Livestock judging team that won many contests including the American Royal. I was in the top ten individuals in every contest I participated in. My experiences in livestock evaluation have instilled in me the importance of producing performance cattle that are genetically superior but at the same time must be phenotypically correct to add value to our breed.

I have been involved with Simmental cattle since 1977, through research studies I conducted at the Black Belt Research and Extension Center of Auburn University where I served as Director until my retirement in February of 2013. In 1982, I started Circle H Cattle Farm with the goal to produce quality black Simmental cattle. I feel I have been successful in this endeavor as I have produced cattle that have been in demand at our Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement sales, Alabama Simmental Association sales, Sunshine Farms bull sale group and currently with the Next Step Cattle Company sale group that markets over 100 bulls a year. I serve as President of Next Step Cattle Company. Circle H Cattle Farm has been recognized in the Performance Advocate Program scoring a perfect 600 the last three years.

I have been fortunate to have been elected to numerous state and national boards over the years which include serving as a Trustee and Treasurer of the ASA, President of the Beef Improvement Federation, President of the Alabama Simmental Association, President of the Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement Association, President of the Alabama Purebred Beef Breeds Association, President of the Dallas County Farmers Federation, Chairman of the NCBA Cattle Health and Wellbeing Emerging Issues Working Group, and I also serve as a Director of the NCBA Policy division. I have just completed my term as President of the 11,000 member Alabama Cattlemen’s Association. I believe the knowledge and insight gained from providing leadership in these organizations will be valuable in bringing a balanced view to the business of the ASA board.

I have been involved in most all phases of the beef industry from my current phase of producing bulls for the commercial cattlemen in the Southeast to managing a commercial herd where we finished our calves on site or developed them as stockers. I also have been involved in developing bred heifers for producers wanting to improve the quality of their cattle.

I believe the opportunity to serve onthe ASA board of Trustees is both an honor and a privilege that one should take seriously when elected to serve. As a former trustee I tried to represent all members not only in the Eastern Region but all members to ensure that the Simmental breed continues to move forward using sound science based decisions. I believe that Trustees should be accessible to all members including our AJSA members as they prepare to become our breeders in the future.

Again I ask for your vote and support to elect me, Jimmy Holliman, as an Eastern Region Trustee of the American Simmental Association. Thank you.

Holliman's Circle H Cattle Company is a purebred seedstock operation with a goal of producing quality, homozygous black Simmental. Selection decisions are performance-based, using EPDs, ultrasound measurements and DNA profiles, and structural soundness. A beef industry leader, he has served as president of the Beef Improvement Federation and the Alabama Cattlemen's Association, and as president, vice president and secretary of the Alabama Simmental Association. He also served a previous three-year term on the ASA Board of Trustees, chairing the Policies and Procedures Committee and served as ASA treasurer. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Mississippi State University and spent his career with the Black Belt Research Center at Marion Junction, serving as Director since 1989 until retirement in 2013. Holliman and his wife, Kathleen, are the parents of one son, Bret (Mary Ellen), who is employed by the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Austin, Texas.
Randy Moody, New Market, Alabama
Eastern Region

Greetings Eastern Region ASA Members:

With a passion for integrating common sense business marketing and management strategies into the continued emphasis on breed improvements through research and genetics, I am excited to be on the ballot as a nominee for the American Simmental Board of Trustees.

Born and raised on a small cattle farm, I took with me enthusiasm for making a small cattle operation profitable as I moved into a career in the agricultural equipment industry. For more than 30 years I have served in various capacities in the ag industry, including national marketing manager, vicepresident of operations, vice-president of marketing and sales, and general manager.

In 1993, I opened my own business, Randy Moody Associates, a marketing company representing agricultural manufacturers specializing in spraying and hydraulics. As the owner of a business, I realize the value of preparing and managing a budget as well as the importance of understanding customer requirements and needs.

I purchased my first Simmental bull in 1984 for my family farm. In 1997, I bought Little Mountain Farm in New Market, Alabama, to develop a small seedstock cattle business. I quickly zeroed in on Simmental cattle as the breed with the best potential for my type of operation. With a strong emphasis on genetics balanced by vigilance to the bottom line, I’ve had success as the major consigner in the Genetic Connections cow sale, and the North Alabama Bull Evaluation Sale.

As an officer in the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association, the Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement association, and the Alabama Simmental Association, I feel that my dual emphasis on good business practices and breed improvement has allowed me to contribute at the state level and I would enjoy the opportunity to put those same goals in practice at the national level.


-I feel strongly that each member of the American Simmental Association holds a share of stock and should be equally represented. The Association needs to meet the needs and concerns of all sized Simmental operations.

-I truly believe one of our most valuable assets is our Junior Simmental organization. They are our future and we need to invest in them through our support.

-Sound business principles should be considered when organizational decisions are made.

-While there is a need to continually improve our cattle thru research and genetics, we stand to gain the most by capturing a larger market share. This can be accomplished by an increased awareness of the benefits of the breed through increased marketing and education as well as a strong full-time field representative organization.

-We need to rally and engage the entire membership and all Simmental breeders. Whether you are a registered and /or commercial seedstock provider producing animals for the show ring, bulls and females for the commercial cowman or bulls and females for the purebred breeder.
Thank you for taking the time to review this letter. Feel free to contact me at
Little Mountain Farm is the name of Randy Moody's Simmental operation, located at New Market, Alabama. The Moody cowherd consists of 50 head of mostly purebred Simmentals with fewer numbers of SimAngus and a few purebred Angus. Reproduction is 100% by AI or embryo transfer, focused on producing cattle that are functional for their environment while maintaining traits of economic value. Currently, he serves as vice president of the Alabama Simmental Association, after four years as president. An active member of NCBA, he presently serves on the board of the Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement Association. A 1979 graduate in history and mathematics from the University of Montevallo, he founded Randy Moody Associates in 1993, a manufacturer's representative company specializing in agricultural spraying and hydraulics. Randy and his wife, Joy, are the parents of one son, Michael (Brooke) and have three grandchildren: Micah, Patton and Parker Joy.
Barry D. Wesner, Chalmers, Indiana
Eastern Region

Dear Fellow ASA Members,
I write you today to humbly ask your consideration for the privilege of serving the Eastern Region as a representative on the ASA Board of Trustees.

My involvement with the Simmental business over the last 20+ years has allowed me to witness a multitude of changes within our breed. From coat color, frame size, an emphasis on genetic predictors rather than relying solely upon our eye, closed herdbook to open; you and I as SimGenetics enthusiasts have not only seen a lot of change but experienced it as well.

However, along with all these positive changes there are certain parts of our organization that remain constant. Our strong junior programs, a diverse membership of REAL, hardworking people, real people that rely on their Association to provide programs and services that are pertinent to their unique operations’ success . . . these things still stand today. With the always-present pressures of a diverse and changing industry, these are the constant parts of our organization that cannot be lost in the shuffle.

I feel that now is nothing short of the right time in my life to give back to an organization that has given so much to my family and myself. With your support, I hope that we can work together as a team to continue building an even stronger American Simmental Association. An ASA that not only continues to be on the cutting edge of change but that has an unwavering commitment to all of the constants that touch each of us as ASA members on a consistent basis.

My experiences through life, both in the cattle business and other ventures, have made it very clear that there is no “one” right way for members to conduct business. There are many pathways for a breeder to accomplish their goals. Each of our individual paths is shaped by things like geographic areas, market access, and a plain, old American thing called personal choice. These many paths all have the potential to lead Simmental breeders to the same place of profit and personal satisfaction in the end. The diversity of both our membership and the cattle involved is something to that is both envied by other breeds and deserves the proper attention to be preserved and nurtured.

With your support you will receive my promise to realize the importance of this appointment. You have my word to look out for the interest of all involved members, both embrace and relay the wishes of my fellow ASA members to the Board Room in Bozeman, and leave no stone unturned to unify and grow the masses for the betterment of this awesome breed of beef cattle.

Thank you for your consideration.
Barry D. Wesner


Wesner is the owner of Wesner Livestock Enterprises, maintaining a herd of 50 mature cows, including registered Simmental, SimAngus and Angus. Heavy use is made of embryo transfer and artificial insemination, utilizing only superior cow families with proven production records. Over the past 20 years, he has served multiple terms as President of the Indiana Simmental Association, served as co-coordinator for the AJSA Eastern Regional Classic in Indianapolis, and has served as the Simmental breed representative at the Indiana State Fair for the past eight years. A graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Agriculture Education, he worked for the Farm Bureau Cooperative System as a Feed Sales Specialist for 12 years, then became Multi-line Agent for Farm Bureau Insurance, and currently works as the Business Development Manager for Growers Edge. He is the father of three adult daughters: Courtney, Carly and Bailey, all of whom have been involved in livestock-related activities.
South Central: Four candidates will vie for two seats.
**Because a current Trustee resides in Texas, only one additional Trustee from
Texas can be elected and installed in office.
Greg Burden, Grand Saline, Texas
South Central Region

Dear Simmental, SimAngus and Simbrah breeders,

I am running as a candidate for the position of ASA South-Central Trustee. I would like to take a few minutes to provide information about my background, involvement in our breeds and my desire to serve as your trustee.

I am Greg Burden. I was raised in Oklahoma with a ranching background, attended Oklahoma State University and have been involved with SimGenetics, for the past 26 years. In addition I have two grown children, Kayla and Colton, who participated in the American Junior Simmental Association.

I am currently the general manager of Circle M Farms, Grand Saline, Texas, and continue to run my own herd of Simmental cattle. Circle M produces Simmental and SimAngus, and Angus cattle. We utilize AI and ET heavily in our breeding program and we show on a national level. We believe strongly in the use of EPDs for genetic selections and matings. As general manager of Circle M Farms, I oversee our entire operation, which includes marketing our cattle by private treaty and select sale consignments. We are planning to host a production sale in 2015, as well as co-host a registered bull sale. We also market a number of show prospects annually.

I served on the Oklahoma Simmental Association Board for six years, including a term as president. I am currently serving on the Texas Simmental/Simbrah Association Board and maintain the position of treasurer. In addition, I have financial knowledge and experience, as I, and a partner, managed a $140 million portfolio, when I was affiliated with Paine Webber for ten years.

I have seen many changes in our breed, as well as the industry as a whole. The ASA is currently in a strong position financially and our cattle have gained acceptance across the country. Our challenge going forward is to continue to improve our genetics, provide cattle that work in the commercial industry and have a product that is desired from a consumer standpoint. The ASA will need an aggressive approach for marketing our products, providing services that assist producers’ ability to make a profit, and we must continue to keep the association financially solvent and provide strong support our youth.

I am up for the challenge. I would sincerely appreciate your vote for me on the official ASA ballot. If you have any questions, concerning my views, my reasons for seeking this position and/or my thoughts on any area of the association, please contact me. I will be happy to discuss why I have chosen to run for this position of leadership.

Sincerely, Greg

Burden is general manager of Circle M Farms, a Simmental operation located at Grand Saline. The Circle M cowherd primarily consists of purebred Simmental, with a smaller segment of percentage animals. In addition to his responsibilities with the Circle M cattle, he maintains his own Simmental herd of 20 females with an emphasis on producing show heifers. A past president of the Oklahoma Simmental Association, he currently serves as treasurer of the Texas Simmental/Simbrah Association. In 1992, he bred and raised the first black Simmental bull to win a major show while affiliated with Cabin Creek Farms in Cushing, Oklahoma. Burden attended Oklahoma State University where he majored in Animal Science, and worked from 1998 to 2008 as an investment advisor for Paine Webber and Company, helping to manage a portfolio of $140 million. While living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, he served on the Board of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. He is the father of two adult children, Kayla and Colton.

Scott Cowger, Kansas City, Missouri
South Central Region

Simmental/Simbrah friends,

I am excited by the opportunity to represent the members of the South Central Region on the ASA Board for another three years if elected! I have been actively involved within the Simmental breed for over 30 years coming up through the AJSA program and currently the American Simmental Association. Most recently, I have served on the Activities and Events Committee, Policies and Procedures Committee, and chaired the Building and Grounds Committee. I have enjoyed the challenges and opportunities that these first three years have presented and would embrace the opportunity to serve another term to continue toward enhancing our breeds.

I passionately believe in the future of the Simmental/Simbrah breeds and am excited about the progress we have made in the beef industry. The future looks great for the Simmental/Simbrah breeds and I can assure you I will continue to represent the membership to the best of my abilities. I look forward to working for our membership and continue our progress, being the industry leader in genetic evaluations, EPD's and providing leadership for the future.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to serve the South Central Region as an ASA Trustee and I look forward to working for you if you reelect me to the board.

Respectfully yours,
Scott Cowger

A member of the AJSA Board of Trustees in the 1980s, Scott Cowger, with his parents John and Becky, is a major part of RS&T Simmentals, Savannah, Missouri. The RS&T cowherd maintains 135 head of purebred Simmental and SimAngus, extensively utilizing embryo transplant and AI sires. Cowger, presently completing a three-year term on the ASA Board of Trustees, served six years on the Missouri Simmental Association Board, including two as president. A graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Agriculture in Food Science and Human Nutrition, he has been invited back to campus as a speaker on preparation and "what it takes to be successful in the real world," and serves as a mentor for undergraduate students. Cowger and his wife, Lorri, are parents of two children, daughter Jordan, 16, and son TJ, age 14. Jordan is active in AJSA programs having participated in several Regional and National Classics while TJ's interests tend more toward athletics.

Fred Schuetze, Granbury, Texas
South Central Region

Fellow Simmental, Simbrah & SimAngus Breeders

It is an exciting time in the Simmental, Simbrah & SimAngus Business. Our cattle have wide acceptance in the industry, due to change created by progressive breeders as well as the continued enhancements made by ASA in genetic selection tools. As a breeder who makes a living from the cattle, this is important.

I can remember, when I served on the board, 2000-2005, we had to beg members to run, now trustee elections show the same excitement with several write in candidates receiving the necessary votes to be on the ballot.

The South Central Region has a host of excellent candidates with the ASA board nominees and the two write in candidates of which, I am one.

Most of you that know me, know that I am an independent conservative thinker, yet a team player once a vote is taken and a direction is decided by the majority. My allegiance lies with what I feel is best, first for the breeders in the South Central Region and then for the ASA membership for our cattle to maintain acceptance in the industry.

I ask for your support based upon my record & commitment to our breed, regardless of what segment you are in.

If elected I will need your input and guidance. If you have any questions just give me a call 817-894-0563.

Thanking you in advance for your support.
Fred Schuetze

Schuetze was a member of the ASA Board from 2000 to 2005, including one year as Chairman. He has been Director of Livestock Operations for Buzzard Hollow Ranch since 1992, a 6,000-acre enterprise featuring an 800-head cowherd, comprised of Fleckvieh (90%), plus Simbrah (4%), SimAngus (4%), and Red Angus (2%). Fleckvieh genetics all trace back to original German and Austrian cattle, although a high percentage of females are South African-based. Embryo transfer is used extensively to accelerate BHR's breeding program. Schuetze, who holds a B.S. degree from Southwest Texas State and an M.S. from Texas A&M, worked as a County Agent from 1968 until 1979 when he transitioned to ranch management. He has been an industry leader, serving as president of the Texas Simmental-Simbrah Association, chairman of the Fullblood Fleckvieh Federation, and second vice president of the World Simmental Fleckvieh Federation among many organizations. Schuetze and his wife, Judy, are parents of two adult children, and two grandchildren, Hailee Schuetze and Carter Mason Keel.

Jonathan L. Willis, Marietta, Oklahoma
South Central Region

I would like to start off by introducing myself to the members who I have not had the chance to meet. My name is Jon Willis and I am the incumbent running for the ASA Board of Trustee for the South Central Region. My family and I have been in the Simmental business for many years and have developed a very successful bull market. It has been an honor to meet and do business with so many great people that share this same love for the cattle business.

In running for this trustee position in the South Central Region, I look forward to this opportunity to serve the Simmental and Simbrah breeders. I will continue the work toward advancements of the breeds and work collaboratively with the Board to keep the Simmental/Simbrah breed in the spotlight. I feel that having served on various committees and served as Chairman of the Growth and Development Committee as current Trustee, shows growth and experience with the Simmental Association. I would appreciate the opportunity to serve you in this capacity and ask you for your vote. If you should have any questions, please feel free to call me at 580-795-4601.

Jon Willis

Jon Willis manages Willis Simmentals, a family owned operation at Marietta in South Central Oklahoma. The Willis cowherd consists of 330 registered Simmental and SimAngus females plus 50 Angus cows, maintained through a breeding program heavily based on embryo transfer and artificial insemination. Willis genetics are merchandised primarily through private treaty sales and bull test consignments. A 1994 graduate of Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Animal Science and a minor in Business, Willis served as 2009-10 President of the Oklahoma Simmental Association. An ASA incumbent Trustee, he is beef superintendent of the Love County Livestock Show, and a member of his local Volunteer Fire Department. Heavily involved in American and Oklahoma Junior Simmental Associations, he acted as co-coordinator of he 2009 South Central Regional Classic. Willis and his wife, Wilma, are the parents of four children: Chase, Alli, Maddi and Maizi.

North Central: Two candidates will vie for one seat:
Claye Kaelberer, New Salem, North Dakota
North Central Region

To ASA Members in the North Central Region:

I am honored to be running for the North Central Region of the American Simmental Association Board of Directors, and I would truly appreciate your vote!

I currently reside on the family farm located in central North Dakota, just west of Bismarck. I am the fifth generation to run the family farming operation. My wife and I have raised our family on this farm, and our son will be the 6th generation to take over the farm.

My first encounter with the Simmental breed came in 1972, when I was a sophomore in high school. Though I was younger than the average attendees, a gracious group of breeders invited me to attend the tour of the AI studs in Calgary, Canada. I had the opportunity to view new European imports and learn about the breed, and to this day I am grateful for the opportunity. Many of the contacts and breeders I met at the tour, I am proud to say have gone on to become both Promoters and Pioneer Breeders of the NDSA.

One of the most inspiring aspects of the Simmental field is the result of the Focus 2000 effort. It is because of the foresight and hard work of the leaders involved in the initiative that the perception of commercial cattlemen’s programs has greatly improved and flourished; this being especially important now at a time when cattle prices are at an all-time high.

I was very proud to hear that at the 2014 ND State Fair, the Simmental Show was the largest of all the shows. It was inspiring to see all the juniors working together to make it such a success and to get a glimpse of how promising the future breeders working together, communicating, demonstrating knowledge and understanding of animal care and agriculture is truly encouraging. These youth are the future leaders of the breed and it is comforting to see such passion for the breed already.

Each year we have an annual production sale with the Edge of the West group. In preparation for the sale the bulls are fed at our farm. The bulls sold at the production sale go predominately to local commercial breeders in ND and surrounding states. I feel confident in saying more commercial bulls are marketed in the North Central Region than any other area. I believe it is important to address the needs of the commercial industry, and to continue providing customers with products that will be profitable to their own operations. Where producing these animals, we strive to back our product with the most valid info available.

I have had the opportunity and honor to serve on many community organizations and I have also had the privilege of serving on the ND Simmental Board as President, as well as serving 3 terms on the ND Showcase Committee.

I appreciate the opportunity to run for this position, and would be truly honored to serve the North Central region on the ASA Board.

Sincerely, Claye Kaelberer

Kaelberer Simmentals, which has been in existence for 38 years, is owned by Claye Kaelberer and his family, and is located near New Salem, North Dakota. The fifth generation to live on the original homesteaded family farm, he purchased his first 200 acres as a junior in high school. Their herd of 170 cows is managed with a focus on the needs of their neighbors' and customers' commercial operations. Making extensive use of AI and embryo transfer, bulls are sold through the Edge of the West Sale along with other members of the sale group. A former recipient of the prestigious Promoter of the Year Award by the North Dakota Simmental Association (NDSA), Kaelberer is deeply involved in numerous community and state organizations. A former president of the NDSA, Kaelberer has also chaired the North Dakota Bull Test and serves on the North Dakota Showcase Sale Committee. Claye and his wife, Michelle, are the parents of three children: Lindsay John, Brittany Rau and Conner.

Paul Walker, Danvers, Illinois
North Central Region

North Central ASA Members:

First, let me thank the ASA Board of Trustees for nominating me as a candidate to represent The North Central Area. Second, it is with guarded enthusiasm that I request your vote to represent the North Central Area. The opportunities as a trustee to work with ASA staff, trustee membership and industry leaders will provide exciting experiences. However, the task of representing the diverse interests of SimGenetic breeders fairly and equitably in a way that serves the collective interests of our breed association is daunting but I welcome the opportunity.

For those of you who do not know me, I grew up in Northern Illinois on a diversified livestock/grain farm that included a 200 sow farrow-finish operation, a 400 head cattle feedlot, 200 brood ewes, 400 acres of corn/soybean production and in some years finished 1000 market lambs. My brother and I maintained a 20 sow registered Poland China herd, showed steers and kept 3 Appaloosa brood mares. In my high school and college days I worked for several of the bigger name purebred cattle operations, fitting and grooming cattle across the country. I received my BS, MS and Ph. D degrees from the University of Missouri and University of Illinois. Prior to accepting a faculty position at Illinois State University (ISU), I managed Glenview Farms that bred, raised and exhibited in back-to-back years the National Champion and Reserve National Champion Polled Hereford Heifers. Last fall, I retired from ISU after 33 rewarding years teaching, conducting research and providing outreach to businesses, municipalities, farmers and cattle producers. During that time period I served as the faculty supervisor for the ISU Simmental-Angus cow herd and 240 head cattle feedlot; taught numerous courses including those related to beef cattle management, nutrition and animal breeding; conducted research in beef cattle nutrition and environmental management; and, provided consulting services on both a national and international basis.

I have considerable experience serving on state and national boards including the Illinois Simmental Association Board of Directors, and the Illinois Beef Association and Illinois Beef Check-Off Board of Directors. I believe that the ASA Board of Trustees should be more transparent in its actions. As a trustee, I will maintain the vision developed by previous boards of Simmental Genetics as a leader within the beef industry. I will work to build upon those strategies that have given our breed association the influence it has today while providing a voice for common sense that is proactive for the smaller scale breeders.

Supporting and promoting SimGenetic activities is a family tradition at DI Simmental. Prior to her untimely death, my wife, Jill, was very active within the ISA serving as the co-editor of the ISA Newsletter and she was recognized as the ISA Member Of The Year in 2002. My oldest daughter Sam, a senior at Oklahoma State University was recognized as the 2006 ISA Junior Member Of The Year, received the AJSA Silver Merit Award and recently completed serving as an AJSA Trustee. My youngest daughter, Les, a junior at University High School, has received the Bronze Award and is an active member of the IJSA. My name appears on the Approved Judges List for the ASA, PTP Show and the American Angus Association.

Thank you for considering voting for me as an ASA Trustee. Help me, help you.

Sincerely, Paul Walker

Recently retired after a 33-year career on the Agriculture Faculty at Illinois State University (ISU), Dr. Walker owns and operates DI Simmental, with objectives of raising national caliber show cattle, promoting SimGenetics, and raising two daughters who appreciate the dynamics of the beef industry. All DI Cattle are merchandised by private treaty. Extremely active within the industry, he has served on the Illinois Simmental Association Board, as an ex-officio member of the Illinois Beef Association Board, as an elected member of the Illinois Beef Check-off Board, Illinois Department of Agriculture, and the Board of Livestock Commissioners, plus 12 years on the local school board. He is the only ISU faculty member to have been honored with the prestigious Outstanding Teacher, Outstanding Researcher, and Outstanding Faculty Service Awards. With his late wife, Jill, Walker is the father of two daughters, Samantha, 21, a former member of the AJSA Board, and Leslie, 16.


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There are several options for finding a breeder to locate his address or his member number to ensure you transfer to the correct member. We will also cover the requirements and how to transfer an animal, record breeding information, and how calf at side data is recorded.



December 16, 2014

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Join Leoma Wells on December 16, 2014 starting at 6:00 p.m. Mountain.

How to Report a Calf out of a Foundation or Commercial Dam

Join Leoma Wells to learn how to register/report a calf out of a foundation dam (registered with another breed association) or commercial dam in Herdbook Services. We will go over the required columns and build upon your knowledge of how to navigate the online data entry spreadsheet.

In the archive: Did you miss Leoma's eSeminar "THE, Easy as 1,2,3,"?  View it here.

Have You Herd? To keep up to date on the latest in THE and DNA services visit Leoma's blog:  Have You Herd?




December 22, 2014

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Join Marilyn Roth on December 22, 2014 starting at 6:00 p.m. Mountain.

Online Data Entry Menu and How to Pay My Bill.

Do you have a long list of incompleted jobs?  Hints on cleaning up your list of pending work, how to continue adding records to an existing job and when finished, submitting for processing and registrations.  I’ll also show you how to quickly pay your bill online.



December 30, 2014

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Join Leoma Wells on December 30, 2014 starting at 6:00 pm Mountain.

How to Report an Embryo Transfer (ET) Calf

Join Leoma Wells to learn how to register/report an ET calf in Herdbook Services.  We will go over the required columns and build upon your knowledge of how to navigate the online data entry spreadsheet.


In the archive: Did you miss Leoma's eSeminar "THE, Easy as 1,2,3,"?  View it here.

Have You Herd? To keep up to date on the latest in THE and DNA services visit Leoma's blog:  Have You Herd?

Where do SimGenetics fit into the US and/or global beef industry?

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Where do SimGenetics fit into the US and/or global beef industry?

Postby Jackie Atkins » 15 Oct 2014, 21:37

In business, one suggestion is to have a 60 second pitch ready for any audience. Pretend you need to sell your product to someone in the average time it takes to ride the elevator together. If you had 60 seconds to sell SimGenetics, what would you say? Why do you think people should choose SimGenetics? Share your "elevator pitch" for SimGenetics with us here.
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We've Been Busy - Watch ASA Director's Video Updates

Watch video of ASA directors giving updates on their projects at the recent board meeting in Bozeman. Click here.

New ASA Episode on the American Rancher

Watch the September episode here.


New episode scheduled to air  November 3 on RFD TV and Rural TV at 9:00 PM EST.

Educational Symposium Recordings and PowerPoint Presentations


We thank our sponsors:


First Educational Symposium is a huge success.

Nearly 150 SimGenetic enthusiasts from 25 states and 2 Canadian provinces met in Bozeman this past week for the first annual Educational Symposium held in conjunction with the fall ASA Board Meeting.

The Monday schedule was packed with up-to-the-minute information from beef industry experts from around the country. Drs. Bob Weaber, Kansas State; Matt Spangler, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Bruce Golden, Cal Poly; Dorian Garrick, Iowa State; and John Hall, University of Idaho, along with Marty Ropp, Allied Genetics and ASA’s own Dr. Shafer gave presentations that sparked good discussion with the attendees.

Click for Speaker bios.

Introduction and Welcome: Chairman Jim Butcher and EVP Dr. Wade Shafer


Crossbreeding Talks in 2014: Why They're Still Needed ~ Dr. Bob Weaber (Kansas State University) and Dr.Matt Spangler (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)


Selection Decisions Using Economically Relevant Traits: The Pathway to Indexes ~ Dr. Bruce Golden (Cal Poly)


Understanding Conventional and Genomic EPDs ~ Dr. Dorian Garrick (Iowa State University)


The Future of Genetic Prediction: A Quantum Leap ~ Drs. Bruce Golden and Dorian Garrick


Learning From Pigs ~ Marty Ropp (Allied Genetic Resources)


Dr. John Hall (University of Idao) - UI and ASA Cooperative Projects and Q and A ~ Panel Discussion Part I


Q and A ~ Panel Discussion Part II~ Guest Speakers


We thank our sponsors:

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  1/17/2015 SimMagic On Ice Denver, CO map
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  1/28/2015 Sioux Empire Simmental Show and Sale Sioux Falls, SD map
  1/30/2015 Fort Worth Stock Show Simmental Show Fort Worth, TX map
  1/31/2015 J&C Simmentals Annual Bull Sale West Point, NE map
  1/31/2015 Double J Farms' 41st Annual Private Treaty Simmental Bid Bull Sale Garretson, SD map
  1/31/2015 Forster Farms 36th Annual Production Sale Smithfield, NE map
  2/1/2015 Trauernicht Simmental Nebraska Platinum Standard Bull Sale Beatrice, NE map
  2/2/2015 35th Annual Gateway "Breeding Value" Bull Sale Lewistown, MT map
  2/7/2015 Olrichs/Felt Farms Bull Sale Norfolk, NE map
  2/7/2015 Prickly Pear Simmentals Made In Montana Sale Helena, MT map
  2/7/2015 Ruby Cattle Co. and RS&T Simmental Peformance Bull Sale Lamoni, IA map
  2/7/2015 Black Hills Stock Show & Sale Rapid City, SD map
  2/7/2015 Springer Simmentals Sale of Value Based Genetics Decorah, IA map
  2/7/2015 33rd Annual Klain Simmental Production Sale Turtle Lake, ND map
  2/8/2015 Blue River Gang's 33rd Annual Production Sale map
  2/8/2015 Rydeen Farms 17th Annual "Vision" Sale Clearbrook, MN map
  2/8/2015 Hartman Cattle Company's Simmental Bull Sale Tecumseh, NE map
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  2/10/2015 Bata/Olafson 18th Annual Joint Simmental Bull and Female Sale Rugby, ND map
  2/11/2015 River Creek Farms 25th Annual Production Sale Manhattan, KS map
  2/11/2015 Traxinger Simmental Annual Bull Sale Houghton, SD map
  2/12/2015 Hart Simmental Beef Builder Bull Sale Frederick, SD map
  2/12/2015 Bichler-Johnson Simmentals 10th Annual "Quality Not Quantity" Production Sale Linton, ND map
  2/12/2015 Lassle Ranch Simmentals 22nd Annual Production Sale Glendive, MT map
  2/13/2015 TNT Simmentals' 30th Annual "Genetic Explosion" Sale Almont, ND map
  2/13/2015 Mader Ranches' 26th Anniversary Bull Power Sale Carstairs, AB map
  2/13/2015 Watertown Winter Farm Show & Sale Watertown, SD map
  2/13/2015 Anchor D Ranch Simmentals Genetic Edge Bull Sale map
  2/13/2015 Hook Farms and Clear Springs Cattle Co. "Bred for Balance" Private Treaty Sale Tracy, MN map
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  2/14/2015 JRW Farms' 2nd Annual "Spring Round-Up" Bull Sale Seminary, MS map
  2/14/2015 Grass-Lunning Bulls-Eye Bonanza Sale LeRoy, MN map
  2/14/2015 Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic Simmental Show and Sale Kearney, NE map
  2/14/2015 Kenner Simmentals' 19th Annual Sale Leeds, ND map
  2/14/2015 Dixie National Simmental Sale Jackson, MS map
  2/14/2015 Bar CK Cattle Company's Profit Sharing Sale Culver, OR map
  2/14/2015 Berger's Herdmasters SimAngus Hybrid Bull Sale North Platte, NE map
  2/14/2015 Schaff Angus Valley's 112th Production Sale St. Anthony, ND map
  2/15/2015 Rock Creek Ranch Spring Private Treaty Bull Sale Allen, KS map
  2/16/2015 Bulls of the Big Sky Billings, MT map
  2/17/2015 Quandt Brothers/VJT Ranch Power By Design Sale Oakes, ND map
  2/19/2015 Illinois Beef Expo Springfield, IL map
  2/19/2015 Illinois Performance Tested Bull Sale Springfield, IL map
  2/20/2015 Dakota Xpress Annual Bull and Female Sale Mandan, ND map
  2/20/2015 R & R Cattle Company's Annual Production Sale Chamberlain, SD map
  2/21/2015 Double Bar D Farms Simmental Bull Sale Grenfell, SK map
  2/21/2015 Ellingson Simmentals' Annual Production Sale Rugby, ND map
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  2/21/2015 7P Ranch 21st Annual Spring Bull Sale Tyler, TX map
  2/21/2015 Yon Family Farms Bull and Female Sale Ridge Spring, SC map
  2/23/2015 Ludvigson Stock Farms Dakota Bull and Female Sale Mandan, ND map
  2/24/2015 Larson XL Simmental's 37th Annual Bull Sale Mandan, ND map
  2/24/2015 Sandhill Red Angus Bull Sale Sidney, MT map
  2/25/2015 Chestnut Angus Annual Bull Sale Pipestone, MN map
  2/27/2015 Cow Camp Ranch Annual Spring Bull Sale Lost Springs, KS map
  2/28/2015 Hofmann Simmental Farms' "Buy Your Way" Bull Sale Clay Center, KS map
  2/28/2015 Gold Bullion Group, 14th Annual Bull Sale Wamego, KS map
  2/28/2015 42nd Anniversary MN State Simmental Sale Rochester, MN map
  2/28/2015 Sunset View Farms' Family Traditions Bull Sale Auburn, KY map
  2/28/2015 Pigeon Mountain Simmental's Spring Bull Test Sale Rome, GA map
  2/28/2015 Iowa Beef Connection Bull Sale Knoxville, IA map
  2/28/2015 Bar 5 Farms' Online Bull Sale Markdale, ON map
  2/28/2015 Advanced Beef Genetics Bull Sale Van Meter, IA map
  3/1/2015 PRO-CHAR 4th Annual Charolais and Simmental Bull Sale Glenevis, AB map
  3/2/2015 Hill's Ranch Production Sale Stanford, MT map
  3/3/2015 Michigan Bull Test Sale Crystal, MI map
  3/3/2015 Doll Simmental Ranch 35th Annual Production Sale Mandan, ND map
  3/3/2015 Cattlemen's Classic Bull Sale Redmond, OR map
  3/6/2015 Eichacker's Simmentals' Annual Bull Sale Salem, SD map
  3/6/2015 Kansas State University's Legacy Sale Manhattan, KS map
  3/7/2015 Walsh Simmental Bull Sale Hubbard, NE map
  3/7/2015 Trinity Farms' Generations of Excellence Sale Ellensburg, WA map
  3/7/2015 Kentucky Beef Expo Simmental Sale Louisville, KY map
  3/7/2015 Carcass Performance Partners 13th Annual Bull Sale Lucedale, MS map
  3/7/2015 RS&T Simmentals, LLC-Bull Sale Savannah, MO map
  3/7/2015 Ludvigson Stock Farms Ozark Bull and Female Sale Diamond, MO map
  3/7/2015 RS&T Simmentals, LLC Bull Sale Savannah, MO map
  3/9/2015 Keller Broken Heart Ranch Annual Production Sale Mandan, ND map
  3/9/2015 Rockin H Simmental Production Sale Watertown, SD map
  3/10/2015 Calvo Family 2nd Annual Bull Sale Valentine, NE map
  3/11/2015 Janssen Farms "JF Scalebuster" Bull Sale Dunlap, IA map
  3/11/2015 Lechleiter Simmentals 27th Annual Bull Sale Loma, CO map
  3/12/2015 Cattleman's Kind Bull Sale San Saba, TX map
  3/12/2015 Hall-Pokorny Red Angus Bull Sale North Platte, NE map
  3/13/2015 74-51 Cattle Company's Red Dirt Bull Sale Marshall, OK map
  3/13/2015 Quest of the West Cattle Sale Spanish Fork, UT map
  3/14/2015 Gonsior Simmental Production Sale Fullerton, NE map
  3/14/2015 Carcass Performance Partners 13th Annual Bull Sale Lucedale, MS map
  3/14/2015 Tennessee Beef Agribition Lebanon, TN map
  3/14/2015 Great Lakes Beef Connection Bull Sale Clare, MI map
  3/15/2015 Wisconsin Simmental Association's Spring Spectacular Sale Lancaster, WI map
  3/16/2015 Hudson Pines-Hayes Ranch Genetic Legacy Bull Sale Billings, MT map
  3/17/2015 Open Gate Ranch Sale Simms, MT map
  3/19/2015 Parker Cattle Co.'s Inaugural Bull Sale Parker, CO map
  3/20/2015 3C Christensen Ranch and NLC Simmental Ranch Annual Production Sale Wessington, SD map
  3/20/2015 Sunflower Genetics' Annual Sale Maple Hill, KS map
  3/20/2015 Gengenbach Cattle Co.'s 7th Annual Production Sale Grant, NE map
  3/21/2015 Red Hill Farms' More Than a Bull X, Bull and Female Sale Lafayette, TN map
  3/21/2015 Altenburg Super Baldy Ranch 23rd Anniversary Annual Bull and Heifer Sale Fort Collins, CO map
  3/21/2015 Ohio Beef Expo/Eastern Spring Classic Sale Columbus, OH map
  3/21/2015 Drake Cattle Co. Simmental Bull Sale Centerville, IA map