Mochi “Mo” Richert, the peanut butter loving St Bernard from South Dakota, has out-licked her competition and is verified with Guinness World Records as the Longest tongue on a dog (current).
Owners, Craig and Carla Richert accompanied by their rescued dog visited the ASA Headquarters recently. Read their story here.

                                                      Carla, Craig and Mochi Richert

Greg Henderson     |    November 8, 2017    

The World Health Organization, in direct conflict with U.S. policy, released recommendations regarding the use of antibiotics in agriculture. The WHO’s new guidelines are aimed at curbing the rise of global antibiotic resistance, and WHO asks the world’s farmers to help by changing the way they raise their animals.

Specifically, the WHO’s new guidelines detail how farmers should use “medically important” antibiotics, noting that many farmers have been overusing antibiotics on animals to promote growth and prevent illness. That overuse, WHO says, has led to the development of new strains of infectious bacteria that have become resistant to modern medicines.  Continue reading.


ASA Board of Trustees' Election.  
Paper Ballots Mailed - Electronic Ballots, email were sent November 15. 

Ballots are sent to adult members who have paid their annual service fee and registered or transferred at least one animal within the last two years. 
  • Paper ballots were mailed on Thursday. Deadline to vote: paper ballots must be received at the Chairman of the Teller's office on or before December 15.
    • Your paper ballot will have instructions for you to vote electronically if so desired. We encourage you to use the electronic option. By voting electronically you will receive a receipt to acknowledge that your vote has been received and there is no worry whether the postal service delivered your ballot on time. 
  • Electronic ballots, a notice from BigPulse will eMail on November 15. Deadline to vote:   midnight on December 15.

Jim Ligon, Cookeville, Tennessee: Click here for campaign letter.
Cliff Orley, Lebanon, Pennsylvania: Click here for campaign letter.
Fred Smith, Clayton, North Carolina: Click here for campaign letter.
Barry Wesner, Chalmers, Indiana: Click here for campaign letter.
North Central RegionClick here for Candidate Profiles.
Tom Hook, Tracy, Minnesota: Click here for campaign letter.
Claye Kaelberer, New Salem, North Dakota
South Central RegionClick here for Candidate Profiles.
John Griswold, Stillwater, Oklahoma: Click here for campaign letter.
Chuck Miller, Olean, Missouri: Click here for campaign letter.
Fred Schuetze, Granbury, Texas: Click here for campaign letter.
Jeff White, Cherokee, Oklahoma: Click here for campaign letter.
Western Region:
Mike Forman by acclamation. No write-in votes qualified.


"We are elated to have Dr. Endecott joining our team. She will certainly bring a unique dimension to our already potent youth development programs, as her breadth of experience and educational background is extraordinary. " ~ Wade Shafer

Rachel Endecott
Rachel Endecott
Dr. Rachel Endecott has been hired to fulfill the position of Director of Youth Development and Special Projects. Endecott grew up on a red baldy cow-calf operation near Ennis, MT, and remains an integral part of the operation. She received her B.S. in Animal Science at Montana State University (MSU) and her M.S. and Ph.D. in Ruminant Nutrition at New Mexico State University. She has served as the MSU Extension Beef Cattle Specialist located off campus in Miles City, MT, for five and a half years, in addition to Beef Cattle Specialist in Bozeman since 2012. Endecott's Extension program focused on adult and youth education in beef cattle nutrition, genetics, reproduction, and management. She also administered the statewide 4-H/FFA Steer of Merit contest and facilitated county agent trainings in carcass grading as well as other beef cattle professional development opportunities.

In addition to Extension work, she taught beef cattle management and livestock feeding classes during her time at MSU. She was also involved with student extracurricular activities where she advised both the Collegiate Stockgrowers at MSU and the Academic Quadrathlon team. Under her guidance, the Collegiate Stockgrowers club has been effective in building young beef cattle industry leaders, several of whom now hold positions of leadership in the Young Stockgrowers group of the Montana Stockgrowers Association.
Endecott developed the MSU AQ program, which is a four-part animal science contest where four-person teams compete in an oral presentation, written exam, hands-on lab practicum, and a double-elimination quiz bowl. Since reviving MSU's participation in this contest in 2012, her teams have won the regional contest twice, which earned them the right to compete at the national contest against schools whose animal science departments are much larger than MSU's entire College of Agriculture. Only four teams compete at the national contest, where MSU's best finish has been second overall.
Looking forward to assuming her ASA duties in the beginning of January to work with youth and adult members of ASA alike she says, "The American Simmental Association is well known for their practical focus on science-based information and educational outreach. I'm excited for the opportunity to work with such a progressive group. I am passionate about leadership development and building young leaders for the beef cattle and broader agriculture industries. ASA's investment in youth development is admirable and I look forward to building on that success in the future."

Luke Bowman
Luke Bowman
While Endecott takes on the responsibilities for the youth program, Luke Bowman, Director, Commercial and Industry Operations will be handling the Progress Through Performance (PTP) program. Bowman shares, "PTP is one of the most progressive systems to evaluate high-type cattle today. It is the best balance in the industry to combine visual appraisal with genetic merit. Once again, the ASA continues to lead the world in appreciation for equitable cattle that are destined for greatness. There simply is not a program that can compare to our visionary outlook with PTP."

The winners were announced during the 2017 National Classic Awards banquet, on July 14, 2017, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Five Gold Awards winners were named to receive scholarship stipends in the amount of $3,000 each, while 11 Silver Awards, worth $2,000 each, were also awarded. The total value of the combined Merit Award scholarships is $37,000, funded through direct support from the American Simmental-Simbrah Foundation. All awards are required to be used for post-secondary educational purposes. 2017. Go here:

American Royal



Simmental Junior Heifers

Aaron Owen, Bois D’Arc, MO

Showmanship Judge:

American Royal Website

Junior's Schedule

Tuesday, September 12th
Entry and Ownership Deadline

Wednesday, October 25th
7:00 a.m. Earliest Move-In

Thursday, October 26th
8:00 a.m. Arrival Deadline
5:00 p.m. McCullough Fitting Clinic- Hale Arena

Friday, October 27th
2:30 p.m. Junior Heifer Showmanship- East Side Hale Arena
Saturday, October 28th
5:00 p.m. Simmental PTP Bull Show- East Side Hale Arena

Sunday, October 29th, 2017
8:00 a.m. Simmental Junior Heifer Show followed by PTP Female Show- East Side Hale Arena
12:00 p.m. Supreme Champion Junior Heifer Show- Hale Arena

Simmental Open Shows:

Sat.,October. 28
5:00 p.m. Simmental Progress through Performance Bull Show– East Side Hale Arena 

Sun., October. 29
8:00 a.m. Simmental Progress through Performance Female Show (immediately following the Simmental Junior Heifer Show)

East Side Hale Arena
Percentage Females
Purebred Females
Group Classes
Cattle are released immediately following the show




ASA Ring of Champions 2017-2018

Only the four major shows involved in the national show rotation

are eligible for the


Shows include:  

2017 American Royal

2017 North American

2018 National Western

2018 Fort Worth Stock Show

Award Divisions:

• Purebred Simmental Heifer of the Year

• Purebred Simmental Bull of the Year

• Percentage Simmental Heifer of the Year

• Percentage Simmental Bull of the Year

Visit: to print information.




A record 218 people attended the fourth annual American Simmental Association (ASA) "Select for Success" Fall Focus educational symposium that was held in Bismarck, ND, September 17-21. 
ASA  Fall Focus 2017  Willie Altenburg
ASA Fall Focus 2017 Willie Altenburg
The event featured an educational session, where several industry professionals and scientists spoke about subjects focused around beef cattle breeding. The North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner, Doug Goehring, provided a welcome address, and North Dakota Governor, Doug Burgum, spoke at the lunch on Monday.

The educational speakers included the following: Dr. Greg Lardy, North Dakota State University (NDSU), who gave an overview of the state's agricultural industry; Dr. Lauren Hanna, NDSU, who explained the basics of animal breeding and genetic selection; Dr. Rick Funston, University of Nebraska, Lincoln (UNL), who spoke about increasing productive efficiency in cattle; Dr. Matt Spangler, UNL, who spoke to how genetic advancements can be used to create an ideal system for beef cattle breeding; and Dr. Mitch Abrahamsen, past Vice President of Research and Development at Cobb-Vantress, spoke about the poultry industry, highlighting the rapid genetic advancement the industry has seen, and how beef cattle breeders can apply those principles to keep up with a growing population. A panel of breeders spoke to using economic selection indexes to aid in genetic selection for profitability in beef cattle.  ASA staff provided project updates, including progress on the feeder profit calculator, cow herd DNA roundup, the genetic evaluation using BOLT, state association programs, and more. Videos of the educational presentations can be viewed at .

The 2018 Fall Focus will be held at the ASA National Headquarters in Bozeman, Montana, August 25th through 27th. The event will include a 50 year celebration, educational day, and interactive meetings.

Effective immediately         |          

Due to the increased labor involved at the lab, GeneSeek has increased the processing fee for hair by $2.00 per sample.  Breeders will be charged $5.00 for hair cards instead of $3.00.  

ASA Programs

ASA Programs

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