In the American Simmental Association’s ongoing efforts to encourage local and regional promotion of SimGenetics, promotional pull ups are being made available for purchase by any State Association that wishes to secure one. These popular items have been used by ASA representatives at sales and events they attend. State Associations have also been able to have them that shipped from ASA headquarters for display in booths and at other programs to have a SimGenetic presence. The cost of these pull ups is $250.00 but qualifies for a 70-30 Cost Share reimbursement leaving the “out of pocket” cost to each Association of only $75.00. This can make it much more convenient for displays whenever a SimGenetic presence is needed and also will eliminate added shipping costs. Each Association can choose from the examples that most effectively represents their area of the country. Once your order has been made with appropriate shipping instructions, your State Association will be billed $250.00. This will then qualify for the 70% reimbursement by the ASA.  

Place your orders directly to Nancy Chesterfield (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or if you have questions contact Bert Moore, ASA State Association Liaison (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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The Kentucky Simmental Association hosted a Field Day on August 13th at Long Ridge Farm in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Over 100 Simmental breeders and beef cattle enthusiasts gathered in the event barn at Rob and Michelle Canning's farm for an afternoon of educational speakers touching on a variety of beef topics. Jim Akers, COO of Bluegrass Stockyards, Warren Beeler, Director of Ag Policy for the Governor's Office, and Gordon Jones, Red Hill Farms and retired Western Kentucky University professor addressed the group. Lunch was provided by the Shelby County Cattlemen's Association, and sponsored by Merial, CPC Commodities, and MultiGen Reproductive Solutions. Cattle from Long Ridge Farm were on display for a walking tour before the event, and the show barn welcomed breeders to view show stock and cattle consigned to upcoming sales. 



Information meeting September 27, 2016 at 7:00 PM mountain time.

The American Junior Simmental Association (AJSA) recently released its new junior program, the Steer Profitability Competition (SPC). The SPC is designed to provide members of the AJSA meaningful exposure to the opportunities and challenges associated with cattle feeding. The SPC will not only allow participants to measure and compare the profitability of their own animal(s), but of greater importance will introduce young beef enthusiasts to peers, mentors, industry advocates, and experiences that are exceedingly difficult to acquire for any beef producer. Participants in the SPC program will be powerful voices as they transition from junior membership to adult participation within the beef industry.

AJSA youth interested in entering the SPC must hold an active AJSA membership, and can enter one, two or three head of steers. The SPC is a terminal contest, marketed on a grade and yield grid. Steers must be entered in the American Simmental Association (ASA) database, with one parent registered in the ASA database. An informational meeting will be held on September 27 for any youth interested. All animals must have an ownership deadline of October 1, and be entered into the SPC no later than October 15, although earlier entry is encouraged. Steers will be picked up at regional locations and transported to Chappell Feedlot in Chappell, Nebraska, on November 1, 2016. Steers must have a birth date of January 15 to April 15, 2016, and weaned August 15 to October 15, 2016. All animals must be castrated, horn-free, weigh 500-750 pounds at pick up, and have a docility score of 1-3. Steers must also meet a health prerequisite prior to pick up. Slaughter will occur in early May at Cargill Meat Solutions in Fort Morgan, Colorado.

Exhibitors must agree to attend mandatory monthly online meetings and submit monthly reports.  Profitability will be determined by subtracting accrued cost from final valuation. Awards will be presented for the top-three animals overall, as well as the top-three Pen of 3 overall at the 2017 National Classic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Exhibitors interested in entering the SPC, should contact ASA Youth Director Emily Lochner, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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This video captures a highlight of the IGS Cattlemen's Seminar at the 2016 BIF.  Dr. Bruce Golden of Theta Solutions, LLC discusses how the new BOLT system empowers commercial beef producers with the next generation of Genomically Enhanced Genetic Evaluation.

Colorado Simmental Association News

FORT COLLINS, CO – A ranch tour, junior contests and elections were part of state Simmental summer activities hosted July 16 by Altenburg Super Baldy Ranch near here.  In the youth association, Chad Russell of Sugar City turned the gavel over to Bryce Hill of Sterling. Keanna Smith of Ignacio was re-elected vice-president and Shelby Temple of Center was elected secretary.

The juniors also held an educational field day. Contestants competed in a cattlemen’s quiz, which tested beef industry knowledge. The morning’s top point winners were: Chad Russell, first, and Bryce Hill, second. They also practiced sales talk, a communications contest where youth role play with a mock buyer to “sell” their animal. The youth association voted to continue breed promotion with a Colorado State Fair incentive program, and CSA continues offering its county fair winner awards.

In the adult association, CSA Pres. Robert Campbell of Ignacio thanked outgoing directors Jerrid Brisendine of Walsh, who completed his nine-year term; and Curtis Russell of Sugar City, who stepped off the board after a total of 15 years of volunteer service.  Beth Temple of Center was re-elected to the board of directors, plus board newcomers Vicky Ahlberg of Longmont and Reed Parker of Stratton were elected to three-year director terms vacated by Brisendine and Russell. The board later re-elected Campbell as president and Temple as vice-president. Susan S. Russell of Sugar City was re-appointed secretary/treasurer. A tour of Altenburg Super Baldy Ranch drew breeders to the annual event, with numerous pastures and sire groups viewed by ranchers statewide. Events wrapped up with a beef loin supper. Highlights are posted on


Birdie Temple gets some reading help on the Cattlemen’s Quiz at the Colorado Junior Simmental Field Day. The beef knowledge test was a challenge to all – with kindergartners right up to long-time adult ranchers taking the quiz.

CSA Pres. Robert Campbell presents an engraved cowbell to Jerrid Brisendine, right. Brisendine and Curtis Russell went off the Colorado Simmental board of directors.



Chad Russell uses his ASA app to help Brandon & Bryce Hill search EPD rankings on their heifers, to aid them in expressing their animals’ strengths for Sales Talk.

Some of Colorado Junior Simmental’s members show off their field day prizes, earned at the annual field day July 16.  


We have introduced a new Herdbook feature set called “Active Herd” which allows you to create and maintain informal records for your animals. You are able to add new animals or import your existing (reported) animals into custom animal groups and, once animals are created from scratch or imported, you are able to select an animal for which you can create different types of records. Various data can be recorded including animal data, breeding records, pregnancy checks, treatment records, and weaning/yearling records.

Active herd animals and their data are not official records and are provided as a service to members who wish to record supplementary data for their animals. However, since you can record the same data you would normally report in an animal entry job you can create new animal records with the Active Herd interface and thereafter select animals of your choosing to be officially reported using the traditional job system. Your active herd data for those animals will then be used to start a new job from which you can continue to report/register animals.

You can access the new features by going to the Herdbook website (, logging in, and clicking the “Active Herd” link under the “Herd Mgmt” menu. Upon clicking this link you'll be taken to the Active Herd landing/home page, where you can begin by clicking the “New Group” button to create a new group. Once you've created one or more groups you can click the “New Animal” button to add new animals to one of those groups. The help section for Active Herd can be found by clicking the “Help” menu item at the top of the page and then clicking the “Herd Mgmt” section in the table of contents displayed.

The board of trustees passed a resolution to offer a 50% off rebate on GGPLD testing in exchange for either feed intake and/or carcass data.  Members will receive one 50% of price discount per carcass or feed intake record submitted.  Records must be valid for use in our genetic evaluation (must be at least two sires represented and the animals must have at least the sire identified). 
Animals must have been born after August 31, 2015 to qualify for the program.
Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.

Mississippi Junior Simmental-Simbrah Association enjoyed their 'Field Day on the Farm' at the beautiful Fenton Farms in Laurel, MS. 32 contestants from across the state participated in a judging contest, showmanship and a cattle show. Mr. Doug Parke of DP Livestock was the judge for the show. A big thank you to the Fenton Family and all the sponsors who helped our juniors prepare for the upcoming events of the AJSA Eastern Regional in TN and the National Classic in Des Moines, IA.

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