North Central ASA Trustee Nominees

North Central


Steve Eichacker, Salem, SD

Steve Eichacker 



Campaign Letter

Simmental Cattle have always been a way of life for me. I can remember in 1970 when I was eight years old bouncing over the pastures in an old IH pickup rounding up cows for AI’ing (in less than primitive corrals) to use that first Simmental semen, then the excitement when those calves weaned off 100 pounds heavier than our unregistered commercial calves.

Located in southeast South Dakota, Eichacker Simmentals is a diversified family operation raising hay, corn, soybeans and a registered cattle herd consisting of 300 cows, with 250 being Simmental and SimAngus™ (1/2’s to PB’s) and 50 Red Angus cows, where half are bred Red Angus and half are bred to Purebred Red Simmental bulls to raise Sim/Red Angus. Our cattle are currently marketed through two sales, one being the Dakota Made Female Sale in December and a spring bull sale in March. Both sales are held in our sale barn on the farm where everyone in the family pitches in to help on sale day.

Simmental cattle have opened a lot of doors for us over the years. Consigning to all of the state consignment sales for years, then exhibiting pen bulls for 10 years at the NWSS from the 1990’s to early 2000’s to now having our own production sales. The people we have met and friends we have made are endless and still ongoing.

I do believe one of the reasons the Simmental breed is so popular and the reason we are enjoying the success we are today is our diversification and our ability to adapt. We know what our breed looked like in the 80’s (grab an old Simmental Shield or Register if you don’t know what I mean).  But, as a breed we realized and accepted the challenge and that’s why we are one of the most sought after breeds in the industry today. We can adapt to a black program or a red program. We are a great fit in a crossbreeding program whether it be performance or maternal. And we all know a little Simmy goes a long way in making a great show heifer or show steer.

I am also a believer in a strong junior program. The future of any breed depends on its youth.  Our family has participated in either a National or Regional Junior Simmental show the past seven years.  Cathy and I are co-chairmen for this year’s North Central Regional to be held in SD this coming summer.

Whether it is Junior Simmental, 4-H or FFA, I have seen firsthand the benefits these programs have on molding our future leaders in the industry. My wife & I have had the opportunity to judge at the National FFA Convention the past two years which has really opened our eyes to the potential our youth has to offer our country.

The Simmental breed is alive and well and my goal is to keep that momentum charging forward. I have no crystal ball as to what the future may bring, but I have always said “you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room, but with some common sense and good judgement we can keep the Simmental train on the right track and in the right direction”.

Thanks for your time and consideration and I ask for your vote on the upcoming ASA trustee election.

Thank you,

Steve Eichacker

Located in southeast South Dakota, Eichacker Simmentals is a family operation that began in 1970, when Steve’s dad, Raphael, used his first units of Simmental semen.  The herd has grown to approximately 300 registered cows of which 250 are Simmental and SimAngus™ and 50 Red Angus.  Eichacker’s also use an extensive embryo program utilizing a local cooperator herd.  Cattle are marketed through a fall female sale and spring bull sale.  Along with raising all the feedstuffs for the cattle, they are diversified raising corn and soybeans. Eichacker Simmentals was started by Steve’s parents, Raphael and Judy, and is now managed by Steve and his wife, Cathy, who have three children, Amanda, Nick and Adam, and two grandchildren. Steve is a very active in his community, serving on numerous township, church, and bank Ag advisory boards.  He has also served on the SD State Simmental board where he was a past president.  Steve and Cathy have also been SD Junior Simmental Advisors for the past 20 years.




Erika Kenner, Leeds, ND



Campaign Letter

Dear ASA North Central Region members;

I am running for the North Central Region position of the American Simmental Association Board of Directors and I would appreciate your vote!

Growing up on my family’s farm and ranch in north central North Dakota, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved in the Simmental business. Early on all the heifers I purchased were my 4-H projects and then for a couple years, I was able to compete in the North Central Junior Regionals. Steadily, my herd grew and now consists of one-third of the cowherd at Kenner Simmental Ranch.

While attending college at NDSU in Fargo, I was an intern for the American Simmental Association for one semester. After graduating with a degree in Animal Science and Communications, a job opened at the ASA that interested me. I worked for the ASA and ASA Publications from 2002 through 2006.

I moved back to the family farm/ranch in 2007. We have an annual production sale at the ranch where we market predominantly to commercial cattle producers across North Dakota and surrounding states. It is imperative to understand the commercial industry and provide the customers with genetics that will be profitable and good for the consumer.

In 2011, I represented the ASA on the NCBA sponsored Young Cattlemen’s Conference. YCC made me realize how important it is to be actively involved in our industry. Since then, I have become more involved in the North Dakota Stockman’s Association, as well as my community.

My experience in the commercial cattle industry, the show ring as a junior, and as a past ASA staff member gives me a well-rounded background. I believe this is an asset to the ASA Board. I want to keep our Association moving in the right direction and ensure our SimGenetics are competitive and in-demand.

The Simmental breed is my passion. It would be my honor and privilege to serve the members of the North Central Region on the ASA Board.


Erika Kenner


Erika Kenner and her father, Roger, run more than 400 registered Simmental and SimAngus™ cows along with a purebred Red Angus herd. Both maintain their own cowherds, which are operated as one unit. The Kenners run a diversified grain farm involving up to 10 different crops with a heavy emphasis on small grains. Over 120 bulls and 70 bred heifers are sold through an annual sale. A long-time member of the NDSA Board, she served as President, edited the ND/SD Simmental magazine and co-managed the Simmental Classic Sale. The NDSA named her “2014 Promoter of the Year.” A graduate of North Dakota State University, she was a member of the NDSU Meats Team. After graduation, she joined the ASA staff, working for both the Association and the Publications for a total of five years, then took up livestock photography before returning to the farm. Locally, she serves as manager of the Airport Authority, is co-chair of her church circle and is a member of the Economic Development Committee.




Tom Robinson, Coggon, IA

Tom Robinson 



Campaign Letter
To active Breeders in the North Central Region:

Hello, I’m Tom Robinson from Coggon, IA.

I am the board nominee for the American Simmental Association Trustee position in the North Central Region.  There are two seats up for election.  We have three other tremendous breeders also running for the board.  That being said, I feel my qualifications bring a new perspective to the table.  My extensive experience and interactions with individuals in my consulting business includes all phases of the beef industry.  I work with both registered and commercial producers being involved from conception to the feedyard and the packer.  I know the importance of the influence of Sim-Genetics in the end product.  Thus, I feel this gives me well-rounded qualifications to see the bigger picture of Beef Production.  Dealing with all phases of the Beef Industry helps identify where we can do more to make our mark in these tough times. 

I’m currently the President of the Iowa Simmental Association and a long time breeder of this great Simmental Breed.  Previous to my Presidency I served as a Board member of the Iowa Simmental Association.  The State of Iowa hosted the largest AJSA Junior National ever this summer in Des Moines.  I had the pleasure of being involved with our state’s membership and I witnessed firsthand the enthusiasm and future of the breed up close and it could only make you proud to be a Simmental Breeder.

Many of my clients make Simmental Genetics work in the feedyards and collect premiums that make money in this tough market.  Feed efficiency and gain are the results of good cattle, good feed, good environment, and good people.  Together the results display the need to use Sim-Genetics.

This is an important election and everyone in the North Central Region should take this very serious and not be complacent.

I am asking for your vote to become an American Simmental Trustee to move a progressive and aggressive agenda to help all breeders in this region, as well as across this great nation, no matter of your make up.  All people as breeders are important and need a voice to carry their concerns in the decision-making process.  This way policies can enhance all breeder’s ability to market Sim-Genetics. 

Thank you for your consideration and your vote.

Robinson and his family maintain a 40-head cowherd comprised of purebred and percentage Simmental. Robinson cattle are calved primarily in the spring with a few fall calves. Tom owns and operates a feedlot consulting business dealing with cattle feeders primarily in Iowa. Active in raising Simmental for the past 15 years, Robinson merchandises genetics primarily by private treaty, but also consigns to online sales. A member of the Iowa Simmental Association board
since 2015, he was elected president in February of 2016, and was instrumental in hosting ASA’s National Classic, which established new participation records. His family has experienced considerable success exhibiting cattle at shows throughout the years, including the Iowa State Field Day, the State Fair, the American Royal and the National Western. Active in several agricultural organizations, he’s a member of the Iowa Cattleman’s Association, NCBA and the Farm Bureau. He has judged county and state fair cattle shows on numerous occasions.

Robinson and his wife, Laura, are the parents of two grown daughters.



Scott Werning, Emery, SD

Scott Werning 



Campaign Letter

Dear North Central Simmental Members,

I am very excited to be running for American Simmental Association Trustee for the North Central Region. I see this as an opportunity to serve and give back to the breed that my family has been blessed to be involved with in our cattle operation. Aside from the cattle, the breeders and people involved with the Simmental breed make this Association a very special one.

My family has experimented with many breeds of cattle since the 1970’s and decided in the 1990’s that Simmental was the clear choice for our seedstock business. Like most of you, we found Simmental to be the most versatile and balanced breed out there. We see it first hand and the industry data is there to back it up as why Simmental cattle provide the most profitable pasture to plate genetics available to the commercial cattlemen and women. Ranchers love the maternal strength and feeders demand the growth, muscle, & efficiency that Simmental brings to the table. These are just a few of the reasons I would like to be involved with the Association to keep Simmental on the top of producer’s minds when selecting their next genetics.

Last but not least the American Junior Simmental Association provides an incredible platform to shape our youth and is a vital part to the future of the Simmental breed. These are our future leaders and they need our full support.

Thank you for considering me to serve as American Simmental Association Trustee for the North Central Region.


Scott Werning


Scott Werning and his family operate Werning Cattle Company in the hills of  the James River Valley near Emery, South Dakota. Werning is a 2006 graduate of South Dakota State University where he was a member of the 2005 Livestock Judging Team and the 2005 National Champion Meat Animal Evaluation Team. At the National Contest he placed second in Cattle and first in Cattle Reasons and was High Point Individual at that National Meat Animal Evaluation Contest. After college, he worked for Cargill Animal Nutrition as a feedlot consultant before returning to the family ranch in 2009. The Wernings run 400 Simmental, Angus, and SimAngusTM cows along with two embryo transplant cooperator herds. In 2015, their operation was ranked number one for registrations in South Dakota. In 2016, Werning and his family marketed approximately 225 bulls, 100 bred heifers, and a handful of select show heifers. In 2017, they will mark their 36th Annual Production Sale held at the ranch on the second Tuesday in February. Scott and his wife, Ashley, have two children, Creighten, 6, and Thatcher, 2.


Eastern Region


Gordon Hodges, Hamptonville, NC



Campaign Letter


Happily married to Melissa Miller Hodges for 36 years. Melissa has worked for the USDA-FSA since we were married. We have two grown, married children and one newly born granddaughter. Both of our children were raised actively working on the farm, showing Simmental and Angus cattle and playing sports. Spencer (29 years old) is the Marine & Fishing Department Buyer for Neuse Sport Shop in Kinston, NC, and is married to Elizabeth who gave us our first grand-child in August, Sloane Elizabeth. Juliana (25 years old) recently graduated from Vanderbilt University with her Masters in Nursing, is currently interviewing for a job, and plans to apply for her Doctorate at UAB in January. Her husband, Christian, is currently in the Neuroscience PhD program at UAB. 

Education 1980 graduate of North Carolina State University with a B.S. in Animal Science.

ASA Membership History

I began breeding Simmental in 1970 and have been an active member of ASA since 1974 as ASA Member No. 4128. I was also a partner for 24 years in Pineview & Bell Farms, ASA Member No. 112788, with long-time friend Frank Bell, who received the World Simmental Federation Golden Book Award in 2011. In 2005, Pineview & Bell Farms sold out to Gibbs Farms, ASA Member No. 67563, in Ranburne, AL and I have held the position of Genetic & Marketing Manager for Gibbs Farms for the past 11 years. My family still owns approximately 40 cows in the Pineview Farms membership (ASA 4128) & enrolled in the ASA THE program.


1980 graduate of North Carolina State University with a B.S. in Animal Science.


ASA Leadership History

I have been a very active ASA member since 1980, attending virtually all Annual Meetings, Summer Conferences, Past Trustee Meetings, and now the Fall FOCUS. I previously served two terms on the ASA Board from 1990-1996, serving as Chairman of the Breed Improvement Committee for 3 years. During that time I was instrumental in establishing the Multi-Breed Genetic Evaluation still used today and served on the steering committee for FOCUS 2000. During that time, in cooperation with the Growth & Development Committee, I was active in establishing the Progress Through Performance (PTP) show concept for SimGenetic shows. During my 18 years between serving as a Trustee, I continued to attend all ASA meetings, assisted with many committees, and served multiple years on the Genetic Evaluation Technical Advisory Committee.
I am currently serving on the ASA Executive Committee, Publication Board, Breed Improvement Committee, Growth & Development Committee, ASA Genetic Evaluation Review Committee, and the ASA/RAAA Technical and Strategic Planning Committee.



Candidate Statement

I have dedicated my life and career to the beef cattle industry, involving Simmental and SimAngus as the primary breeds since the mid-1970’s. I take my role as a member of the American Simmental Association Board of Trustees very seriously and humbly ask for your supporting vote to allow me the opportunity to once again serve as your Eastern Region Trustee.



A breeder of Simmental cattle for 46 years, Hodges owns Pineview Farms, a Simmental/SimAngus™ seedstock operation consisting of 40 cows, located in the foothills of western North Carolina. Since 2006, he has also served as Genetic and Marketing Manager for Gibbs Farms, a Simmental/SimAngus
operation of 800 cows, located in Northern Alabama and Georgia. For purposes of marketing, bull calves are developed and marketed through a cooperative
effort between the two progressive operations. A graduate of North Carolina State University with degrees in Animal Science and Agricultural Education,
Hodges spent more than a dozen years managing cattle sales throughout the eastern half of the nation. He has now served nine years as an ASA Trustee,
with his first six-year tenure from 1990 to 1996, and spent three years as chairman of the Beef Improvement Committee. Presently, he is completing a
three-year term after being elected once again in 2014. Hodges and his wife, Melissa, are the parents two grown children: Spencer, and Juliana.





Randy Moody, New Market, AL

Campaign Letter



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Moody is the owner/operator of Little Mountain Farm, a Simmental/SimAngus operation of 50 mature females that is built exclusively through A.I. and E.T. Females are marketed primarily through the Genetic Connection, LLC sale, while bulls are sold through the North Alabama Bull Evaluation sale. Additional bulls and heifers are sold private treaty. A past president of the Alabama Simmental Association, Moody co-chaired the 2008 AJSA Eastern Regional Classic. He’s also served as regional vice-president of the Alabama Cattleman’s Association and annually attends Beef Improvement Federation Meetings. In 2007, received the prestigious Alabama Seedstock Producer of the Year Award. He holds a B.S. degree from the University of  Montivallo, and for 23 years, has owned Randy Moody Associates, a marketing company specializing in Industrial and Agricultural spray pumps. He serves as a consultant to Hudson-Alpha Institute to develop a biology curriculum for high school advanced placement, focusing on genetics. Moody and his wife, Joy, are the parents of a son Michael Moody, DVM.






Cliff Orley, Lebanon, PA

Cliff Orley



Campaign Letter

 It has been a privilege to serve the ASA and its membership as a Trustee for the Eastern Region over these past three years. The primary responsibility of each Trustee is to represent All Simmental breeders both small and large and do so with an open mind. I have approached this challenge with an objective mindset relative to the task at hand. Equally important is to understand the demographics of the area which you serve and realize that "one size does not fit all programs.

A major part of a Trustee's work is to help build upon already established programs at ASA that work effectively and modify, change or create new ones that will positively affect the progress and promotion of the entire Simmental breed. An important point of this is to put a face to the ASA and Simmental breed at public functions whenever feasible. Along these lines our Junior (AJSA) needs the continued and increasing support both physically and financially. They are the future by which our breed will prosper!

As an ASA Trustee, it is most important to always remain fiscally responsible when studying an existing or new program. With that said, it is also important to maintain a balance of all ASA programs to benefit a majority of the ASA entire membership. As with any progressive group it is important to have an open line of communication with your fellow members a good listener!

It has been a pleasure to serve as an Eastern Area Trustee and I would like to continue to serve. I do subscribe to all of the thoughts I have shared in this letter and remember this election is very important, so be sure to VOTE!

Thank you for your time, Cliff Orley


Orley’s CLO Simmental herd is comprised of Simmental and SimAngus™ females managed through a practical, no-frills concept. All females are bred A.I. with selected donors utilized for embryo transplant. In addition, Orley owns and operates Keystone Cattle Service, performing custom-fitting and showing purebred cattle, while also consulting on herd and sale management. CLO cattle genetics are marketed through consignment to several established sales and by private treaty. An active member of various cattle organizations in both Ohio and  Pennsylvania, he has served as Chairman of the highly respected Simmental  Breeders Sweepstakes and was a founding member of the Stars and Stripes Sale group. He also serves as chairman of the board of Supervisors of South Londonderry Township. An Ohio native, he is an Animal Science graduate of Ohio State University and has served on the staffs of the University of Kentucky and Penn State University. Married to Lynn, he has been a Simmental breeder for 18 years.



Mapping the MAZE through genetics, feeding and marketing options was the focus of upper Great Plains beef cattle producers during a seminar held October 28 in Mandan, North Dakota. The event was sponsored by the American Simmental Association, the American Red Angus Association, the American Gelbvieh Association and their North Dakota affiliates.

In an unprecedented alliance, the executive officers of three national breed associations joined together to share their expertise to assist commercial ranchers in finding maximum value in their cattle. .The concept of International Genetic Solutions (IGS) was presented by Wade Shafer, ASA CEO. The responsibilities of breed associations in the success of cow-calf operations was outlined by Myron Edelman, AGA CEO. Identifying the value of feeder cattle and achieving increased profitability was the final topic presented Tom Brink, RAAA CEO.

Commercial and seedstock producers took advantage of the opportunity to ask questions during a panel discussion at the conclusion of the collaborative meeting.

Fall Focus 2016

Thank you to our Fall Focus 2016 sponsors for helping make this event possible!


Educational Seminar

Fall Focus 2016: Teaming Technology with Tradition

Roughly 175 American Simmental Association members, academics, allied industry representatives, and breeders and staff from various IGS partners joined the ASA staff and trustees for a day-long educational event in Bozeman, MT recently.  The theme of the day was leveraging technology to enhance the tradition of breeding seedstock beef cattle.

Dale Miller, ASA Board of Trustees Chairman, kicked off the educational session, greeting the participants of the event.  Dr. Patrick Hatfield, Montana State University (MSU), spoke about beef cattle research at MSU; Drs. Wade Shafer, Lauren Hyde, Jackie Atkins, discussed the history of genetic evaluation at the ASA and shared the basic principles controlling the speed of genetic progress.  After a short break, Dr. Mahdi Saatchi, the lead genomicist for IGS— recently hired at ASA, discussed the multitude of ways genomic information could improve the beef industry by more precisely predicting an animal’s genetic merit and pedigree.


Dr. Mahdi Saatchi, Lead Genomicist, International Genetic Solutions

Dr. Bruce Golden, part owner of Theta Solutions and a key person behind BOLT, explained how Theta Solutions takes the data, new hardware, and new computer programs to better use genomic information and IGS’s massive animal records to glean the most out of the genomic and phenotypic data.  Afterword, Dr. Dorian Garrick from Iowa State University added to the discussion about what we can learn from genomic information using human examples from 23 and me as well as the current status of the IGS genomics and genetic evaluation.  Dr. Jared Decker from the University of Missouri, writer of the Steak in Genomics, focused on using science and technology to make better breeding and selection decisions to ensure long term sustainability of beef cattle operations. The audience heard from Micah Wells, Sales Director for Neogen/Geneseek, and Nevil Speer with AgriClear, two corporate sponsors of the event.  Each gave a spotlight on the products available to breeders from their respective companies.

The day concluded with a prime rib feast in the courtyard of the Holiday Inn.  Attendees lingered long into the night around tables, sitting in the grass, and hanging out by the pool.

Thank you to all who attended this event.  Thank you for being engaged in the discussion of improving selection decisions using the best available technology.   Thank you for traveling to Bozeman to learn from others, to let your voice be heard, and to reconnect with the ASA family.  Fall Focus 2016 was a great success and we look forward to seeing everyone in North Dakota for Fall Focus 2017!

The Fall Focus homepage houses videos of all the presentations from this and past years, bios on all the speakers, presentations, and any updated information on upcoming Fall Focus events.

Grand Opening Open House


Reflecting on the Grand Opening, Wade Shafer, EVP said, “By all accounts, ASA’s Grand Opening and Fall Focus was a smashing success. We had great speakers, great discussion and great fellowship. A big thank you goes out to all involved. Thank you! Thank you!”

 Simmental breeders, ASA staff, and Bozeman dignitaries  mill around the main floor after a tour of the new headquarters.

To kick-off the Grand Opening ceremony, ASA hosted tours of the new headquarters all day. One mile down the road from the original   headquarters constructed in 1974, the new facility is a combination of modern-industrial and old-fashioned Western style. Tours included the three floors of the new building, highlighting on the new Board Room with the stained glass window from the old headquarters, the work spaces for ASA and ASA Publication staff, finishing on the top floor looking out at the view of the Bridger Mountains.

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ASA Grand Opening

Ribbon Cutting

Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting

The ceremonial ribbon cutting officially opened the ASA headquarters. Past Executive Secretary, Don Vaniman, and Executive Vice President, Dr. Earl Peterson, shared humorous memories of the beginning years of ASA, and current EVP Shafer welcomed the crowd with funny ASA moments. Bruce Holmquist, General Manager of the Canadian Simmental Association (CSA), gifted ASA with Bernie J Brown’s “Simmental Country” print, celebrating the longstanding relationship between the CSA and ASA. A pulled-pork barbeque with live music from local violinist Lilly Brogger and other festivities followed the ribbon cutting.

dsc_0248_fotor     dsc_0133

Lilly Brogger, Violinist

The following days, ASA members, commercial cattlemen, and staff gathered for a combined-weekend educational symposium and ASA board meeting. The title of the Fall Focus 2016 was “Teaming Technology with Tradition” and featured a distinguished panel of speakers focusing on tying the tradition of breeding and raising seedstock cattle with the new available technologies. Trailing the educational portion of the schedule, Chairman Dale Miller convened an open Board meeting, and participants took advantage of the opportunity to listen and interact with board members and ASA staff on a wide range of subjects.



Grand Opening Barbecue

Reflecting on the Grand Opening, Wade Shafer, EVP said, “By all accounts, ASA’s Grand Opening and Fall Focus was a smashing success. We had great speakers, great discussion and great fellowship. A big thank you goes out to all involved. Thank you! Thank you!”

 Simmental breeders, ASA staff, and Bozeman dignitaries  mill around the main floor after a tour of the new headquarters.

To kick-off the Grand Opening ceremony, ASA hosted tours of the new headquarters all day. One mile down the road from the original   headquarters constructed in 1974, the new facility is a combination of modern-industrial and old-fashioned Western style. Tours included the three floors of the new building, highlighting on the new Board Room with the stained glass window from the old headquarters, the work spaces for ASA and ASA Publication staff, finishing on the top floor looking out at the view of the Bridger Mountains.

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ASA Grand Opening

Ribbon Cutting

Information meeting September 27, 2016 at 7:00 PM mountain time.

The American Junior Simmental Association (AJSA) recently released its new junior program, the Steer Profitability Competition (SPC). The SPC is designed to provide members of the AJSA meaningful exposure to the opportunities and challenges associated with cattle feeding. The SPC will not only allow participants to measure and compare the profitability of their own animal(s), but of greater importance will introduce young beef enthusiasts to peers, mentors, industry advocates, and experiences that are exceedingly difficult to acquire for any beef producer. Participants in the SPC program will be powerful voices as they transition from junior membership to adult participation within the beef industry.

AJSA youth interested in entering the SPC must hold an active AJSA membership, and can enter one, two or three head of steers. The SPC is a terminal contest, marketed on a grade and yield grid. Steers must be entered in the American Simmental Association (ASA) database, with one parent registered in the ASA database. An informational meeting will be held on September 27 for any youth interested. All animals must have an ownership deadline of October 1, and be entered into the SPC no later than October 15, although earlier entry is encouraged. Steers will be picked up at regional locations and transported to Chappell Feedlot in Chappell, Nebraska, on November 1, 2016. Steers must have a birth date of January 15 to April 15, 2016, and weaned August 15 to October 15, 2016. All animals must be castrated, horn-free, weigh 500-750 pounds at pick up, and have a docility score of 1-3. Steers must also meet a health prerequisite prior to pick up. Slaughter will occur in early May at Cargill Meat Solutions in Fort Morgan, Colorado.

Exhibitors must agree to attend mandatory monthly online meetings and submit monthly reports.  Profitability will be determined by subtracting accrued cost from final valuation. Awards will be presented for the top-three animals overall, as well as the top-three Pen of 3 overall at the 2017 National Classic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Exhibitors interested in entering the SPC, should contact ASA Youth Director Emily Lochner, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Click here for more information

This video captures a highlight of the IGS Cattlemen's Seminar at the 2016 BIF.  Dr. Bruce Golden of Theta Solutions, LLC discusses how the new BOLT system empowers commercial beef producers with the next generation of Genomically Enhanced Genetic Evaluation.

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