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Adding Value to the World’s Beef Supply

 Long term success in the beef business depends largely on the continued support of beef consumers.  The world demand for quality beef is high, and the American Simmental Association (ASA) is committed to providing consumers with safe, affordable, and tasty beef. 

ASA developed several programs designed to enhance the profitability of commercial beef operations.  These include SimChoicesv Age & Source Verification, the ASA Progeny Carcass Testing Program, the Feed Efficiency Research Project in association with the University of Illinois, and the most highly proven Multi-Breed genetic evaluation system in the beef business.  All of these programs are backed by the most extensively documented and databased genetics in the industry.

Marbling and Muscling are the keys to the efficient production of meat products with enhanced consumer demand.  ASA and the Simmental breed have made great strides in improving both Yield Grade and Marbling genetics over the past decade and Simmental breeders have ideally positioned their cattle to complement today’s British genetics.  This genetic combination produces animals ideal for packers with a higher tendency to grade Choice or better and meet Yield Grade 1 or 2 specifications.  In addition, these Simmental genetics are designed to add to this end product value without compromising calving ease and maternal efficiency. 

These advances have led to ASA’s partnership with JBS Swift & Company in a marketing grid that targets and rewards Choice, Yield Grade 2 carcasses.  This grid, called 70:70, targets the additional value of Continental x British cattle and offers substantial premiums for both Quality and Yield.

Not only does ASA enhance breeding options through the collection of extensive data, the organization has implemented visionary marketing programs to aid seedstock and commercial producers.   These innovative programs have opened many doors to producers of SimGenetics.  By developing highly marketable products, including Simbrah and SimAngus cattle, and partnering with JBS Swift & Company on the 70:70 marketing grid, ASA has positioned Simmental as a profit center for the beef industry.  Programs such as SimChoice Age & Source Verificationsv, the ASA Progeny Carcass Testing Program, and the Feed Efficiency Research Project in association with the University of Illinois establish concrete evidence of Simmental’s potential to generate added value at all levels of the beef business. 

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