Economic Traits Simmental Ranking Among Continental Breeds                  Angus Ranking Among British Breeds
 Calving Ease        First (Tie)  First
 Weaning Weight  First  First
 Percent Choice  First  Second
 Carcass Weight  First  First
 Post Wean Gain  First  First
 Pounds of Retail Product  Second  First
 Shear Force  First (Tie)  First
 Feed Efficiency by Weight Gain  First  Second
 Feed Efficiency by Marbling  First  First
 Feed Efficiency by Retail   Product  First  Second
 Feed Efficiency by Days  Second  Second
 Percent Puberty  First  Second
 Percent Pregnancy  Second  Third
 Maternal Calving Ease  First  Second
 Maternal Weaning Weight  Second  First 
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