Bottom Line

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Bottom Line


By any measure — in this instance, the measure of the HBR — the business of Simmental has never been stronger or more influential in the beef industry than today. Ever. ASA has never had a more impactful decade. Ever.

How did we get here? Well, first and foremost, this success is attributed to the wide swath of focused Simmental enthusiasts who have toiled and worked for generations to build, evolve, adjust, then rebuild and evolve again. Success comes one small, detail-oriented step at a time. More than 50 years ago, the Simmental forefathers took a step. And serious Simmental breeders have been methodically stepping ever since. This is no accident or luck, but rather the result of a persistent commitment to adaptability and industry relevance. Excellence creeps up slowly over time, seeking close proximity to the humble-hearted and determined.

It is also no accident that the last decade has seen numerous ASA trustees that donate mightily of their time and personal treasures to give guidance and wise counsel on a wide array of topics and decisions. The entire beef business owes a debt of gratitude to those genuine, honest, transparent individuals who step up to carry the burden of leadership. 

The HBR would clearly remind us that no organization is worthy for consideration in the Top 20 without an efficient and effective organizational structure and a powerful staff. The senior leadership at ASA has taken a similar approach to that of those serious breeders — seeking success one small, detail-oriented step at a time. Often without hype, credit, or recognition, those individuals do their part to position the “business of Simmental” in a place most never allowed themselves to dream about: clearly positioned at the forefront of the beef business. In an era of unprecedented chaos, successful businesses look to tested leadership to navigate the path forward. Fortunately, there is a track record that gives us calm in the uncertainty of 2020.

This has been the defining decade of Simmental’s place in the beef business. And the starting point of many successful Simmental stories to come.



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