Fall Focus 2023 Highlights

Fall Focus 2023 took us to the Centennial State. Simmental enthusiasts, representing 28 states and 3 provinces, attended the successful gathering that was held in Denver, Colorado on August 25–29. The event featured a “Ranch Gathering,” live cattle demonstrations, a day-long educational symposium, a celebration of the Lifetime Promoter and Golden Book recipients, interactive committee meetings, and a productive board meeting. The Colorado Simmental Association (CSA) co-hosted the event and did a phenomenal job showcasing topics that not only provided a snapshot of issues important to Colorado’s beef industry, but that were arguably just as important to everyone else in attendance. A huge thank you to everyone with the CSA for their help organizing and hosting.
Ranch Gathering co-hosted by Colorado Simmental Association and Colorado Cattlemen's Association. Demonstrations were performed for pulmonary arterial pressure (PAP) testing by Dr. Tim Holt and feet and leg scoring by Lane Giess.
The 2023 Golden Book Award Winners:
Cynthia Conner and Jim Largess
Neil Martin
Hart Simmentals

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Lifetime Promoter:  Pearl Walthall

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