Highlights from the Spring 2024 Board Meeting

The American Simmental Association’s Board of Directors convened recently to address key matters on behalf of the Association’s members, aiming to enhance their collective benefits. During the meeting, several highlights emerged, including discussions on breed improvement initiatives, marketing strategies, and member engagement. The board’s deliberations reflect a commitment to advancing the interests of Simmental breeders and ensuring continued success within the industry.


Here are a few highlights showcasing that work:

  • Support for data collection and ASA’s genomic research projects will continue with an additional $250,000 allocated to Calf Crop Genomics (CCG) and Cow Herd Roundup (CHR) rebates.
  • The name change fee for animals older than 24 months has changed. If an animal over 24 months old has zero progeny reported, the name change fee will be $100. The fee of $1,000 will remain for animals over 24 months old who do have progeny reported.
  • During the 2024 AJSA National Classic, ASA will offer DNA collection services and pay for parentage verification testing for anyone wishing to DNA-test animals entered in the Classic. Exhibitors will have the option to add on any additional testing at their own expense during that time.
  • In an effort to more effectively communicate with junior members, ASA will be transitioning junior membership accounts to receiving the Register digitally with an option for junior members to receive the print publication if desired. This will not happen immediately; however, be sure to stay engaged with eNews and other ASA communication outlets for more information.


Stay tuned for more information regarding several of the bulleted points.

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