Fall THE Deadline Has Come and Gone! Now What Do You Do?


If you missed the June 15 deadline for fall early enrollment, don’t despair. You still have time. We now enter the late enrollment period from June 16 – August 15 where you pay a $1.00 extra per cow. 

The first week of July, we will auto-enroll all herds that did not submit their fall enrollment by June 15. All cows will be enrolled in Option A (even if you are not an Option A herd).

An updated inventory must be submitted by August 15 to receive full credit on cows that were late-enrolled and then culled from the herd. The $1.00 late fee per cow will be billed for all active dams.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the THE department by email: the@simmgene.com or by phone 406-587-4531.

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