Embryo Calf DNA Requirements

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Embryo Calf DNA Requirements

In addition to the DNA testing requirements for, AI sires and donor dams of embryo transfer (ET) calves, additional testing may be required on the calf.

Purchased Embryos
All purchased embryos must be parent-verified to both the sire and dam in order to be eligible for registration. Both sire and donor dam must be approved in Herdbook prior to registering progeny. Embryos Registered Under Donor Dam’s Membership Account ET calves being registered by a member who owned the donor at time of flush are not required to have parent verification testing, although it is highly recommended.

Tips and Tricks for Easy, Efficient Testing

1. DNA testing cannot be expedited or rushed at the lab.

If DNA testing is required, ASA recommends placing the animal on-file before submitting your test request. This step helps track the animal through the DNA process by providing a unique ID that will remain the animal’s registration number. By putting an animal on file, it gives members the ability to view each animal’s unique ]TraitTrac record and identify if any further genetic condition testing is required. If it has been discovered that testing is missing from the original request, we cannot add on testing to a sample already processing – the sample must finish before submitting another test request. This can delay final results by weeks, even months.  

2. AJSA, Shows, and Deadlines – PLAN AHEAD!

It is solely the member’s responsibility to keep track of their deadlines (show entries, catalogs, etc.). Test requests are processed in the order in which they are received and there are several factors that can affect turnaround time. Incomplete request forms, mis-labeled samples, and volume of requests can significantly delay processing, so the DNA Department recommends getting your request in as early as possible.


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