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What is it? 

Recently, the American Simmental Association (ASA) Board of Trustees passed a directive to put significant effort into the collection of sire-identified carcass phenotypes. This is an understandably large undertaking and we need your help.
Let's face it if you are a seedstock breeder we do not expect to receive a significant amount of carcass data from your herd, as the bulk of your animals become breeding stock.  Rather, the path to increased carcass collection lies in the customers of yours who trust your genetics and retain ownership through slaughter. It's likely you are already thinking of those couple producers you sell bulls to that retain ownership.
It wasn't that long ago that ASA rolled out the commercial Total Herd Enrollment (THE-CM) option, specifically geared for the commercial cattlemen. This option was designed to offer a home for those commercial cow-calf operators who wanted more in terms of genetic awareness on their cowherd.
This is where we believe we can help. For those commercial producers who are already taking on the risk of retaining ownership, who are data-driven, and interested in better understanding the genetic merit of their cowherd we would like to assist them by enrolling their cowherd into THE-CM.
For just $500/per year, with no limitation on herd size, the ASA will provide membership, access to Herdbook and Active Herd management software, EPD's and selection indexes powered by BOLT on the producer's entire female population, and the opportunity to take advantage of the many other programs offered by ASA.
This is an opportunity for your customers to take their herds to the next level, benefit the ASA genetic evaluation, and even better they will help prove your genetics faster. That's right. By introducing additional contemporary groups tracing back to your genetics, your own EPDs will become more accurate.
More powerful predictions, improved accuracy, and more meaningful carcass EPD's can all be achieved on your cowherd by integrating your customers' cowherds into THE-CM.  Call Lane Giess or Jannine Story at 406.587.4531 if you have customers who may be interested.


DNA Update

DNA Invoicing
Starting September 1, 2018, DNA invoicing will be completed at the time of requesting the tests (instead of when results are received).  This will increase efficiencies and reduce the number of invoices members currently receive.

Since it takes time to order kits and for the sample to complete testing, other types of processing (registrations, THE enrollment, transfers) will not be delayed pending DNA payment for a period of time.

New Genetic Condition Panel Pricing
The Genetic Conditions Panel is undergoing changes to include all 7 of the genetic defects tracked by the American Simmental Association. These defects are: AM, NH, CA, DD, OS, PHA, and TH. The new Genetic Conditions Panel will only be available with GGP-LD or GGP-HD testing and the add on price for the panel will be $25. If the animal is not undergoing a GGP-LD or GGP-HD test, then defect testing will be $25 per defect.  If requesting the genetic conditions panel after a GGP-LD or GGP-HD test is complete, then the testing will be billed at single defect rates, which is $25 per defect.


Educational Promotion of ASA's Services and Programs

 ASA has expanded the opportunities for you to request a knowledgeable person to an event.  This may be in a formal presentation, one of the speakers at an event, or a few minutes in front of the crowd with an invite to consult one-on-one about ASA's programs and services.  We are seeking members who would like an event to be considered; here are the parameters to determine possible ASA attendance for education and program awareness.

 1. Audience Qualifier.  Must have a minimum of 25 individuals in attendance; highlighting ASA program(s); event must align with ASA goals and programs; ASA personnel must be the focus for at least 30 minutes or 50% of the event. 
2. $3,500 in business with ASA (within a fiscal year) per membership; must allow some form of education or program awareness.

 3. $2,000 in advertising with ASA Publication.  Must be a singular membership/account or a collaborative sale; must allow some form of education or program awareness.
4. $500 "Buy-a-Day"; must allow some form of education or program awareness.
5. State Associations. State associations receive two free days per year for ASA attendance; must allow some form of education or program awareness; one of the two days must be commercially oriented.
Contact Luke Bowman at 765.993.6681 for more information.

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