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Spotlight on GGP-LD

15 February 2016
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    Jim Butcher
Jim Butcher, Past ASA Chairman 

"Last year Gateway Simmentals tested nearly their entire bull sale group with GGP-LD. When asked why they choose to invest in GGP-LD testing, Jim Butcher responded with the following:

1. It comes with parental validation. It is really nice to sell bulls without any surprises on pedigree down the road.

2. With genomics becoming a bigger part of the genetics puzzle, it is a good thing to have our genetics represented in the system.

3. Even though we have big contemporary groups, the subtle changes in EPDs within sire groups and the overall groups is very useful."


      Dr. Bob Webber
     Dr. Bob Webber, PhD

“Using genomically enhanced EPD for selection of young breeding stock provides a level of precision and reliability that’s never been available to seedstock producers before.  By genotyping replacement heifer candidates, breeders can improve the heifers’ EPD accuracies about as much as the progeny data resulting from a female’s whole lifetime of production. The best part is you can know a replacement heifer’s estimate of genetic merit as if she’s been in production for years, all before she’s even weaned from her dam. Genotyping young bull candidates has the dual benefit of identifying those bulls that should be in the development pen and pointing to those individuals that offer truly unique and valuable genetic combinations. Your bull buyers benefit from the improved accuracy too! Using GE-EPDs with improved accuracy improves the reliability of the decisions breeders make and, ultimately, the rate of progress their selection program can achieve.”


Betsy Senter
       Betsy Senter

"The beef industry, agricultural colleges, and breed associations in particular, are investing millions into research to make our selection easier and more effective. We, as breeders and producers, must learn to "trust" the science.  We have to turn our focus from just looking at a calf (phenotype) and look deeper (genomics).  "Trust" what the science can show you and "Invest" in your own herd!  That's what GGP-LD can do for your program!


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