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Ring Of Champions

The Ring of Champions program recognizes those cattle that have been the highest achievers of ribbons and banners at the ASA’s major PTP shows, which include the American Royal, Kansas City, MO;

North American International Livestock Exposition, Louisville KY; National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO; and Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, Fort Worth, TX

Click to enlarge 2019-2020 Ring of Champions Standings 

Award Divisions:

  • Purebred Simmental Female of the Year
  • Purebred Simmental Bull of the Year
  • Percentage Simmental Female of the Year
  • Percentage Simmental Bull of the Year
  • Exhibitor's Choice Female of the Year
  • Exhibitor's Choice Bull of the Year


  • Exhibitor must be an active member in good standing with the American Simmental Association
  • Purebred Simmental: 7/8 Simmental and up
  • Percentage Simmental: at least 1/2 Simmental, but less than 7/8 Simmental
  • Animals and their exhibitors must abide by the rules of the show(s) in which they participate.
  • All ASA Ring of Champions award winners must at a minimum complete an ultra-low density DNA test before awards are given.


Awarding of Points

Individual Classes:

Number in Class Placing in Class
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
 1-5  2  1  0  0  0
 6-10  4  3  2  1  0
 11+  5  4  3  2  1

Click for rule sheet.

All division and reserve champions shall receive at least as many points as any individual in their division. If necessary, points will be added to the total points a champion won in the individual class to give this subtotal.

For example: if a division winner came from a class of three head awarded two points, but another class winner in the same division came from a class of nine head — the greater class points would be received by the division winner — which, in this example, would be four. In addition, the champions of each division will receive points above and beyond those already described on the following basis:

Reserve Division  Champion 3
Division Champion 5
Reserve Champion 7
Grand Champion 10
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