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Welcome to the American Simmental Association!

30 June 2015

Membership Options

Pick The Option That Best Fits Your Needs


 1. Brand New Membership    2Non Member/Buyer Account  Upgrade to Membership Account   3. Non Member/Buyer Account


Over the age of 21 as of January 1 of the current year.

Click for online application

Click for paper application

JUNIOR- Under the age of 21

Click for paper application

  • If you have owned a registered Simmental in the past, you have a non-member/buyer account. You MUST fill out a paper application.
  • If you don’t know your number CLICK HERE to search your name or call ASA.



Adult paper application

Junior paper application


With this account you are able to conduct business with the ASA and have animals transferred to you within the database; however, membership benefits will not be available to you.




Link to online application

Becoming a member of the American Simmental Association holds many hidden gems 
for those progressive cattlemen and women that chose to become part of our  Simmental team.


  • Reduced fees to register animals.
  • Access to Herdbook Services on our website where you can perform functions such as, but not limited to: 
    • Advanced animal searches
    • EPD lookup
    • Online data processing
    • Report generation 
    • Bulk and single planned matings
  • Access to educational brochures and promotional materials focusing on SimGenetics.
  • Subscription to the Register, ASA’s monthly publication highlighting our breeders and Association activities
  • Subscription to SimTalk, our quarterly cattlemen’s magazine focusing on SimGenetic commercial programs and research, among other topics
  • Ability to select and purchase a herd prefix that will be reserved for only your herd use.

Annual Service Fees

The American Simmental Association has implemented an annual service fee. There is a one-time setup fee of $50 for all new adult members. In addition, there is an annual service fee of $110, based on our fiscal year of July 1 – June 30. If you join ASA in the first half of our fiscal year (July 1- Dec 30) we require you to pay the entire $110 fee. If you join in the second half of the fiscal year (Jan 1 – June 30) we only require that you pay $55 (half of the service fee). All annual service fees are billed at the start of our fiscal year, July 1. To remain active and receive membership benefits you must pay this annual service fee each year.

Adult Membership $110/year

Junior Membership $40/year

Download Self Billing Worksheet

This fee includes a subscription to the Register, the official publication of ASA, and access to ASA's registration and performance system.

If you are a non-member breeder that registers 2 or more calves with ASA each year, you will pay 3 times the cost that members pay to register a calf. For example:


(Per calf registration cost of $126) X (2 head)= $252
(Per calf registration cost of $126) X (3 head)= $378
(Per calf registration cost of $126) X (4 head)= $504

First-Time Member

(First-time membership fee of $160) + (Per calf registration cost of $42) (2 head)= $244
(First-time membership fee of $160) + (Per calf registration cost of $42) (3 head)= $286
(First-time membership fee of $160) + (Per calf registration cost of $42) (4 head)= $328


(Membership fee of $110) + (Per calf registration cost of $42) (2 head)= $194
(Membership fee of $110) + (Per calf registration cost of $42) (3 head)= $236
(Membership fee of $110) + (Per calf registration cost of $42) (4 head)= $278

 Questions or Comments? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Already a Non-member?

If you have already purchased SimGenetics in the past, it is likely that you have a non-member account in our ASA database. With this account you have been able to conduct business with the ASA and have animals transferred to you within the database. However, the cost and membership benefits listed above have not been available to you.

Upon your decision to become a member of the American Simmental Association you will be provided with all of the above benefits.

Click here for membership application form.


*New* - The registration application and self-billing worksheet are now editable.  Forms can be printed and filled out by hand or they can be filled out digitally.  Once the form is filled out, save the file and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If a signature is required, print the form, sign it and scan it and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The fonts and spacing on editable forms work best when using Adobe Reader.  Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

ASA Membership Forms

Adult Membership Application

Junior Membership Application

Membership Change Form


Animal Registration Forms 

Registration Application

Data Registration key

Lease Notification Form

Self-billing Worksheet

Standard Codes




Authorized Representatives of a Membership


1. The primary membership representative shall be recognized as the authoritative person in all actions taken by that membership. The primary representative must request/sign off on changes to authorized representatives, changes to the membership name, password and any other account information. In the event a membership wishes to terminate or change the primary or additional membership representative(s), the primary membership representative must notify the Association of the termination or change.
2. Any Authorized Representative listed on the membership can:
  • Submit data and registration requests
  • Submit transfer request
  • Request other Association services
  • Request reports and data extracts
  • Make corrections to exciting data
  • Incur fees and changes to the membership
3. All authorized representatives are responsible for the accuracy of information supplied by that membership and for the conduct of actions taken on behalf of that membership. All authorized representatives can be individually and/or collectively disciplined as a result of disciplinary action against the membership.





The American Simmental Association would like to thank you for joining our Association.

At the ASA, we take our mission statement seriously,

The success of the American Simmental Association is dependent on the success of our members. In turn, our members’ success is dependent on their cattle making an important and significant contribution to the beef industry. Our highest priority is to maintain and nurture services and products which bring value to ASA members customers.

We pride ourselves in the programs we have available for your advantage, and our friendly customer service staff are just a phone call away.  

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