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ASA Board Nominees for 2020 Trustee Election

Stay involved and participate! The Nominating Committee encouraged the membership to become more involved in selecting Trustees within their region. The committee received a great response from members (exceeding past years) who applied for board consideration. This is the first step toward electing members for the open seats on the board.

The second step: The Nominating Ballot -- this allows persons to seek nominations by a write-in process. On or before September 20, 2019 all active, adult members will receive a Nominating Ballot. This ballot will present the board selections and have a place for members to write-in their nomination (a member within their region). 

A write-in must receive 10 or more votes to qualify; however, if more than one person receives at least 10 votes, the person with the most votes will be placed on the election ballot (the third step in electing a trustee).

Here are the board nominees for the open positions. When you receive your Nominating Ballot - if you agree with the board's selection - nothing further is needed. If you would like to nominate someone other than the board's nominee(s) - this is your chance: enter the full name, city and state of the member you would like to nominate and return the ballot to the Chairman of the Tellers (envelope provided). This ballot must arrive at their office on or before the deadline. We encourage you to vote electronically - it ensures your ballot is received.

ASA Board of Trustee Nominations:

Eastern Region
Board nominee: Randy Moody (incumbent)
Board nominee: Barry Wesner

North Central Region
Board nominee: Steve Eichacker (incumbent)
Board nominee:  Brad Tucker

South Central Region
Board nominee: Gary Updyke (incumbent)

Western Region
Board nominee: Tom Nelson (incumbent)

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