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Announcements and Events

The American Simmental Association (ASA) has designated the newly formed Cattlemen’s Congress in Oklahoma City, OK as the 2020-2021 National Simmental Show

October 09, 2020 Events ASA
The ASA Board of Trustees met October 5th to discuss alternative plans due to the postponement of the 2021 National Western Stock Show. The Board voted to…

ASA Spotlight

Eichacker Named Dakotafest Woman Farmer and Rancher-of-the-Year

October 18, 2020 ASA Spotlight ASA
Cathy Eichacker, Eichacker Simmentals, was recently named the South Dakota Woman Farmer and Rancher-of-the-Year, during a Dakotafest Women in Ag event.…

A Legacy Built on Genetic Improvement

September 28, 2020 ASA Spotlight ASA
By Emme Troendle | “Embryo Transfer and AI work is an opportunity to accelerate your genetic progress,” says Dr. Kory Bigalk, veterinarian and long-time…

Backed by a Broad Base

A southern family raises seedstock for commercial producers and balances a highly diversified operation.

by Lilly Platts

Simmental and Red Angus seedstock, burley tobacco, purebred hogs, and a variety of crops make up Bart and Sarah Jones’ Red Hill Farms. Their 500-head seedstock operation supplies bulls to commercial producers through two annual sales. The majority of the genetics come from within, enforcing their philosophy that it takes both data and knowledge of how each female performed over her lifetime to  better predict progeny success.

Bart’s great-great-great grandmother purchased the original farm in the late 1860’s, and the family also owns Sarah’s home place in Monroe County, Kentucky, making it a seventh generation family operation. Despite this long history, the cattle enterprise is relatively young. Bart’s father, Gordon, held a 40-year professorship at Western Kentucky University, and the family lived in town. Bart was still highly involved in agriculture, participating in 4-H and agricultural activities. After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Animal Science and minor in Agricultural  Economics, Bart chose to move to the family farm, based in the rolling green hills outside Lafayette, Tennessee, where his grandfather was raising purebred Duroc hogs.



Photo left:  Barty, Ty, and Sarah Jones.          Photo right:  




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