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Spring 2020 THE Enrollment is OPEN

By ASA’s Total Herd Enrollment Department       |       

Any females of calving age that will calve between January 1 and June 30, 2020, will need to be enrolled by December 15, 2019, to take advantage of the lowest enrollment fees.  ALL members previously enrolled in 2019, Spring Total Herd Enrollment (THE) MUST submit an inventory even if there aren’t any changes/updates to enrolled females. If you submit an enrollment today, you will be able to adjust your inventory online through Herdbook Services up until the deadline of December 15. There’s absolutely no reason not to go ahead, fill out an inventory today, and submit it well before the deadline.  Below is a checklist to make sure your enrollment goes smoothly. If you want more information on how to get started on your enrollment, go to pages 17 and 18. Our motto is: Don’t Delay, Enroll Today! 

  • Spring THE Checklist A spring calver is any female due to calve January 1 – June 30, 2020. 
  • Have you read through the most up-to-date instructions and enrollment/removal codes on
  • Does each cow listed on your preliminary inventory have an enrollment code or a removal code?
  • Are there any cows missing from this list? If so, add them by registration number. If they are commercial cows, provide their tattoo, date of birth, and breed codes.
  • Did you remove all cows from the enrollment that are no longer in your herd? When you remove a cow from the herd (placing a code 60-82 in the primary code field), make sure you place an “N” in the “A/B/C/D/N” field. The “N” stands for not enrolling.
  •  Are you enrolling females that are not under your membership? (partnership or junior cows), add them by registration numbers not tattoos.
  • Are all purchased females added to the enrollment at the bottom of the form? Any missed females may accidentally incur a late-fee and re-enrollment fee. If you purchased a cow after the THE enrollment deadline and will be calving the same season, email the THE department with her ASA number, your member number, and the season/year the female needs enrolled.
  • Have you provided the proper enrollment code for all donor and recipient females that are managed in your herd? If you don’t manage the female within your herd, you do not have to place them on your inventory.
  •  Do you have all your calf data submitted prior to 2019 spring? If not, you’ll have to submit this data prior to submitting or mailing in your spring 2020 dam enrollment. Keep in mind that you can submit the 2019 spring calf data with or after submitting your current enrollment. For more information check out the Back to Basics article in the October issue of the Register or go to 
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Back to Basics

October 07, 2019

Are you working on submitting your calf data? Here is a quick checklist to make sure you’re getting all your data submitted correctly.

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✔ Does every cow you enrolled in your 2019 spring enrollment have a calf reported? If you want more detailed instructions on how to report your calf data online go to✔ Do you have a dam that didn’t have a calf? You’ll need to report the reason she didn’t calve that season/year with a productivity code (but if you have calf data and the calf… read more

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