Naming an Animal

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Naming an Animal

The processing team has noticed an increase in the frequency of questions on how to name your animals. Below are guidelines to help. An Animal Name:

■ May be up to 30 characters, including spaces, prefixes, dashes, or slashes.

■ In addition to letters or numbers, the following characters are eligible for use: & / - _ `.

■ Only the applicant’s approved prefix may be used.

■ A name is optional. Once named you will incur a fee to change the name. Often a prefix and tattoo are entered into the name field. This counts as a ‘name’. Leave the name field blank if you are unsure of naming the animal. The name may be added at a later time for free.

Fees For Name Changes

Under 20 months of age . . . . $5

20 months to 2 years of age . . $50

Over 2 years of age . . . . . . . . $1,00

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I change the name of the animal and add my account prefix? No, you can change the “name portion” of a registered animal, but “the prefix portion” of an animal’s name may not be changed.

For Example:

From: SFF Black Beauty C01

To: SFF Constantinople C01

Who Sets the Prefix?

The member who is the applicant for the animal at the time of registration sets the prefix of the animal.


Smith Family Farms sends in an application for registration of “Black Beauty C01” and John Doe Simmentals was the breeder.

Smith Family Farms can use their prefix on the registration of the animal, or not use a prefix:

Option 1: Black Beauty C01

Option 2: SFF Black Beauty C01 Note: Smith Family Farms can’t use John Doe Simmental’s prefix on the registration of the animal.



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