Dual-Register Animal

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Digital Certificates Now Available

ASA recently launched a new feature on Herdbook allowing members to download digital certificates…

Dual-Register Animal

Through ASA’s open herdbook, breeders dual-register cattle to receive more meaningful EPD from the largest multi-breed beef cattle genetic evaluation in the world. Simultaneously, breeders use additional ASA programs to paint a more complete picture of herd performance. Anyone can apply for registration on an animal registered with another breed association. The dual registry includes a 4-generation pedigree and up-to-date genetic traits from the original association. Many producers find that dual registration provides:

■ a complete pedigree on the progeny’s registration certificate

■ the registered Angus™ or Red Angus progeny could qualify for the SimAngus certification

■ ties with other offspring in the database for genetic evaluation, creating more meaningful EPD

If you need a foundation registration expedited, you may opt to pay the priority processing fee of $50 per head. Priority handling is normally completed within 48 hours for error-free applications. To get started, email a list of the other breed association numbers with tattoos and your membership number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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