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How to Take the Most Accurate Records at Weaning Time

by Emme Demmendaal and Jackie Atkins, PhD | Weaning Weight Maybe you take weaning weights every…

The Goals of Using a Calf Removal Code at Weaning Time

■ Tells ASA that the calf has been removed from the herd

■ Cleans up your Herdbook animal list

■ Informs future dam inventories for Total Herd Enrollment


Did you know?

When you assign a removal code to a heifer, then when the animal is 18 months of age, the animal will not auto-populate on your preliminary inventory. This means, if you code her as removed when you’re reporting weaning data, you don’t have to touch the record later!

Calf Removal Codes Prior to weaning

20 Born Alive: Died Disease

21 Born Alive: Died Other

22 Died at Birth: Calving Difficulty

23 Died at Birth: Defect

24 Died at Birth: Other

25 Other

26 Stillborn: Full Term

Calf Removal Codes After weaning

30 Appearance

31 Color

32 Died: Disease

33 Died: Other

34 Failed to Conceive

35 Feet and Legs

36 Performance

37 Other

38 Temperament


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