Ordering DNA Kits - New and Improved!

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Down to the Genes Series

DNA Requirements for Foundation-Registered AI Sires and Donor Dams

Before the fertilization, before the flush, and long before those embryo transfer (ET) calves hit…

Ordering DNA Kits - New and Improved!


ASA’s DNA team recently updated the order form for DNA kits and paperwork. This new change has improved the process in the office and will streamline the process for members as well. Please follow the directions below. 

• The new form can be found by going to simmental.org.     

✓ At the top of the page, choose “DNA Testing”.   

✓ Choose “Order DNA Test” 

DNA Testing

 ✓ Read through the opening text and click the box at the bottom acknowledging the information. This is very important as it pertains to ASA policies. 

  ✓ Choose “yes” or “no” when asked, “Do you already have cards or TSU’s on hand?” 

Remember, if you have a kit on hand (no stickers attached), follow the prompts for the DNA paperwork form. If you need new kits, follow the prompts for the DNA kit order.

✓ Choose “Submit”.

✓ Click on the link to download.  The next screen will give you the option to download the .xls or .xlsx form. You should be able to download either. However, if the file doesn’t work, try the other type.


 ✓ If the file doesn’t show up immediately, check your “downloads” folder. Computers can be set to handle downloads differently.

• Once you have the form downloaded and open, the first tab will say, “Customer Information”. Fill in your information and choose the shipping method you prefer. In the order notes, indicate things like, “overnight”, “Send kit for 1G to this address”, etc.

• At the bottom of the page, choose the tab that says “Request Testing”.

• If you already have kits, you will fill in the barcode column. Otherwise, leave it blank and provide the animal information, place an X in the appropriate box for requested testing, and continue through the sheet until you have requested testing for all desired animals.     

✓ If you make a mistake on an entire line, right click and choose “CLEAR CONTENTS”. Please do not delete the line entirely.

• Next choose the tab “Order Details”. Double check to ensure the totals match what you requested.

• Choose “Save As” and save the completed form. We suggest saving it on your desktop so it is easy to find. Go back to your email and attach the file. Email the form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     

✓ You can save the entire file, i.e. all three sheets, by saving the file in an Excel format.

• If you are requesting paperwork, ASA will return a PDF titled “Print and Mail with Samples” to the email address your form was submitted through. If the paperwork needs to be emailed elsewhere, please indicate. DO NOT send samples into the lab until you have received this paperwork back from ASA.

• Contact ASA’s DNA department with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 406-587-4531


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