In Not Now? Then When?

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In Not Now? Then When?

In 2020, can you leave anything to chance when marketing your calves?

Chip KempThe current climate breeds concern, fear, and uncertainty. But it also provides greater time and appreciation for our faith, our families, and our farms. Those are of much greater importance and will ultimately be the positives that move us forward to take advantage of new approaches and innovative ideas that make us and our businesses stronger!

As a recent post stated — “Look fear in the face and press on!” We must and we will. We have cows to tend to and calves to sell. And for many of us, we will use the major summer calf sales to garner premiums associated with high-knowledge feeder calves. And that single sale will be responsible for a major chunk of our annual revenue. In today’s marketplace, can you leave anything to chance? This is your family’s paycheck for a year’s worth of work. It is time to pull out all the stops! It is time to explore the IGS Feeder Profit Calculator™ (FPC). 

The FPC is a powerful tool that highlights quality management and responsible breeding and crossbreeding decisions to feedlot buyers in a manner they admire — dollars and cents! You share knowledge with buyers they need and desire. Facts. Not hype. Not opinion. Not useless slogans. But facts. Those that indicate long-term health and fitness, feedlot efficiency, and carcass merit. In return, you position yourself to potentially bring home a few more dollars as you provide your customer what he/she needs. Some truth in the midst of lots of empty promises. Allow price differentiation to do what it does — pay more for calves with higher potential.

Zero. There is zero cost for you to use the FPC. No charge. Never has been. Never will be. This is a no-cost service that allows serious, focused producers to do what they always do. To make thoughtful decisions and give themselves a leg up on the competition. This is more important now than ever.

Lots of folks want to “advise” you. Many want to tell you how things should or shouldn’t be. Some even want to suggest that you sell yourself short by avoiding using the best tools available.

One simple question. In 2020, can you leave anything to chance? If not, then visit the IGS homepage to learn more about how you can market with knowledge. Learn more at

International Genetic Solutions (IGS) is an unprecedented collaboration between progressive organizations across the US, Canada, and Australia that are committed to enhancing beef industry profitability. The collaboration encompasses education, technological advancement, and genetic evaluation. Through collaboration, IGS has become the largest beef cattle evaluation in the world. 

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