The HOLSim Bull List September 2020

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The HOLSim Bull List September 2020

In April 2019, the American Simmental Association (ASA) and Holstein Association USA (HAUSA) announced the formation of the HOLSimTM branded beef program that identifies elite SimAngusTM bulls with specific production attributes as mating solutions for dairy producers who breed some of their herd to beef.

The program's objective is: to provide additional revenue to dairy producers through the production of value-added terminal calves; to offer new marketing avenues for progressive beef seedstock operations; and to offer a consistent supply of high-quality calves better situated to capture market premiums; and to deliver mating solutions for dairy farmers who breed some of their herd to beef.

The HOLSimTM Index uses the IGS Feeder Profit CalculatorTM (FPC), the industry leader in feeder cattle evaluation, as the foundation for this effort.

The results from the FPC are then adjusted for the unique economic situations relevant to Holstein cattle, namely, the need for added calving ease, muscle conformation, grading ability and sensitivity to carcass length.

Qualifying for the HOLSimTM Bull List is not easy, and bulls that do represent an elite group of beef genetics. Bulls on the HOLSimTM Bull List are above average for calving ease, and carcass traits (particularly marbling and ribeye area), with moderate levels of growth to address the carcass length concerns associated with Holsteins. These bulls are most complimentary to a Holstein female when producing a terminal calf.

Read more here on Holstein USA website.

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