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Sales and Results


Sale Results

04/21/2023 Cow Camp Ranch’s Spring Turn-Out Sale
03/20/2023 All Terrain Bull Sale
03/18/2023 Inaugural Colorado Select Bull Sale
03/17/2023 3C Christensen Ranch and NLC Ranch’s 52nd Annual Sale
03/07/2023 Doll Ranch’s 43rd Annual Production Sale
03/02/2023 Keller Broken Heart Ranch’s Annual Production Sale
03/01/2023 C Diamond Simmentals’ Production Sale
02/27/2023 Lehrman Family and Raatz Farms’ Annual Production Sale
02/21/2023 Quandt Brothers Cattle Company’s Annual Production Sale
02/23/2023 Bar CK Cattle’s Profit Sharing 2023
02/20/2023 Bulls of the Big Sky Sale
02/19/2023 Trauernicht Simmentals’ 48th Annual Production Sale
02/18/2023 Double T Simmentals’ 14th Annual Production Sale
02/17/2023 Dakota Xpress Annual SimGenetic Bull and Female Sale
02/15/2023 Hart Simmentals’ 48th Annual Power Bull Sale
02/14/2023 Werning Cattle Company’s 42nd Annual Production Sale
02/12/2023 Dakota Power SimGenetic Bull and Female Sale
02/11/2023 Kenner Simmental Ranch’s 27th Annual Sale
02/11/2023 Rydeen Farms’ 25th “Genetics with Vision” Production Sale
02/10/2023 TNT Simmentals’ 38th Annual Bull Sale
02/10/2023 Bred For Balance Sale
02/09/2023 Lassle Ranch Simmentals 30th Annual Sale
02/09/2023 Rust Mountain View Ranch’s 12th Annual “Ace In The Hole” Bull Sale
02/08/2023 Wilkinson Farms Simmentals’ 25th Annual Production Sale
02/08/2023 Traxinger Simmentals' Annual Production Sale
02/07/2023 Little Bitterroot Ranch Bull Sale
02/06/2023 Gateway Simmental and Lucky Cross “Breeding Value” Bull Sale
02/05/2023 Kline Simmental Ranch’s 11th Annual Production Sale
02/04/2023 Springer Simmentals’ Sale of Value Based Genetics
02/04/2023 Klain Simmental Ranch’s 41st Annual Production Sale
02/03/2023 Schooley Cattle Co.’s Annual Production Sale
02/03/2023 Cow Camp Ranch’s Annual Spring Bull Sale
02/02/2023 Stavick Simmentals’s 23rd Annual “King of the Range” Bull Sale
02/01/2023 Lazy C Diamond Ranch’s Production Sale
02/01/2023 Begger’s Diamond V Ranch’s Annual Bull Sale
01/29/2023 Triangle J Ranch’s 33rd Annual Bull Sale
01/27/2023 Double J Farms’ 49th Annual Production Sale
01/27/2022 Ellingson Simmentals’ 23rd Anniversary “Expect Excellence” Performance Bull and Female Sale
12/10/2022 North Dakota Simmental Classic Sale
12/03/2022 Western Choice Simmental Sale
12/03/2022 T Heart Ranch’s “High Altitude” Female Sale
12/03/2022 Jewels of the Northland Sale
11/21/2022 Bichler Simmentals’ Production Sale
11/15/2022 Elliott Livestock and Wild Rose Cattle Company
11/12/2022 Gibbs Farms’ 17th Annual Bull and Replacement Female Sale
11/06/2022 Triangle J Ranch’s 7th Annual Harvest Select Sale
10/29/2022 H2O’s Cattle Company’s Laser Focused Complete Dispersal Sale





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