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Dr. Michael Dikeman


Dr. Michael E. Dikeman is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry at Kansas State University. His research bridged basic meat science and efficient livestock production systems. He attained national recognition for his work on the Germ Plasm Evaluation and Utilization Projects at the US MARC. He was co-investigator of a large Carcass Merit Traits Project that produced the first tenderness EPDs for  three beef-cattle breed associations.  He also is well known for meat cookery and tenderness research. He has received eleven K-State, regional, and national teaching awards. He and his graduate students have published 425 journal articles, technical reports, abstracts, and conference papers. He received Meat Research Awards from K-state, ASAS and AMSA. He taught and/or advised more than 6,500 undergraduate and graduate students, including several international short courses. He was secretary of the ASAS Executive Committee and was President of AMSA and FASFAS.

City: Manhattan
State: KA

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