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A Leadership Program for the Industry’s Next Generation

What? STYLE 2022

When? June 17–19, 2022

Where? The Skirvin Hilton, One Park Ave.

              Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Entry deadline:Registration is closed.

Questions? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Printable Information Sheet 

ASA is excited to announce SimGenetics Training for Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs (STYLE) 2022, a leadership program for beef industry enthusiasts age 25 to 40. The in-person program will be held in Oklahoma City, June 17–19, 2022. STYLE intends to develop leaders who better appreciate and understand the complex environments of the beef industry, who can more effectively serve ASA stakeholders in the future. Attendees will focus on the following:

■ Enhanced awareness of their own strengths and how to leverage these strengths.

■ Gain a more thorough understanding of ASA governance.

■ Gain insight into the various beef industry segments.

■ Increase engagement regarding the future of ASA and the industry.

Who should I apply for the program?

Beef and SimGenetic enthusiasts from age, 25 to 40.

What can attendees expect at STYLE?

The STYLE program has been crafted by an industry expert in leadership development, and ASA staff. The structure of the event is a mixture of talks, panels, interactive sessions, small group experiences, meaningful mentorship opportunities, suggested readings, and real-life examples of overcoming serious obstacles. The content will range from inward-facing personal assessment to ASA governance, industry trends and voices, and encouragement by leading figures within the beef business.

What does STYLE cost?

Attendees will be responsible for their travel expenses to Oklahoma City, lodging, and some meals. The registration fee is $200/attendee or married couple. This will cover multiple meals, written resources, session attendance, and a visit to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. Upon attendance, full participation, and completion of the STYLE program, $200 will be credited back to the ASA account of the attendee for future use (i.e. registration, transfers, and THE). All those who sign up by the early entry deadline of March 18, 2022, will have their name placed into a drawing for two F R E E  lodging packages.

Why did ASA see a need for a program like this?

Responsible beef producers are constantly studying the future of their operation, the sustainability and adaptability of their business model, and keeping a watchful eye toward the need for new voices and fresh perspectives. Similarly, ASA trustees and staff intend to steward the future of ASA and its services for its membership and the industry at large. That future is to be most heavily impacted and determined by young professionals and families who are presently using and implementing SimGenetics and ASA tools, services, and strategies to grow their own businesses. It is important to connect with those producers to better serve their present needs, while also giving them greater insight into ASA and its mission. STYLE situates us better today, and serves as a training ground for insightful leaders tomorrow

Why is it important to encourage young producers in our breed to be leaders?

ASA exists to improve beef business profitability through the honest and clear use of data and facts. Commitment to that mission has built the “Business of Simmental” into the most innovative and commercially focused breed association in existence. This is evident in current successes across the industry. However, that mission is also what allows us to continue to push, to adapt, to accurately self-assess, and to ultimately navigate challenging times. This is a lofty charge. To maintain this course and improve, we must have the creativity, ingenuity, commitment, and input of those who will be at the helm over the next 30 years. 


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