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Monday, 02 July 2018 16:01

"Simmental's American Journey" is here. Order Your Book Today!

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Go to to order your copy.

Excerpt from the Foreword written by Dr. John Pollak.                             

"The reader of this book will gain knowledge of the history of the Simmental breed, the Association and the people behind the breed. Embracing the story of Simmental in the United States beef industry may help create a sense of accomplishment and relevance that current membership can take pride in as they carry the banner of the breed forward. But there is also value in studying history. Generations of cattle and of the ranchers and farmers who produced those cattle have come and gone over the past 50 years. They faced cyclical cattle markets, environmental and social issues, and challenges that come from moving an organization and a diverse membership forward. They made mistakes and at times got off course, yet learning from these miscues prepares today's leaders for making future decisions. Bold decisions were made that created positive change and should instill confidence in future leadership as they seek to be innovative in new endeavors. The constant threat in the past is that they continued to adhere to the core principle of data collection and utilization. Hence, I encourage all who read this book to keep in mind how knowledge of this history will help in addressing current aspirations for producing better cattle while addressing new challenges that face not just Simmental but the entire cattle industry".  

Paulette Cochenour and Lilly Platts researching and locating photos for Simmental's American Journey.    

Paulette Cochenour and Lilly Platts locating photos and researching for the history book.

"Simmental's American Journey" will be available for purchase at Fall Focus 2018 and 50 Year Celebration! Stay tuned on how to get your copy if you can't make it to the celebration!

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