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Getting the most valuable and versatile genetic prediction tools
requires a commitment to capture data.

THE is the gateway to accessing the most advanced systems of data analysis presently available, International Genetic Solutions (IGS).  This provides more accurate selection tools that allow for head-to-head comparisons and maximum profitability of your dams — regardless of breed.

Are your cows performing at the level you expect? 

Do you know how each of your cows influences the calf crop?

THE can provide the answers you need.


All sorts of information is routinely collected on sires, but dams are a different challenge. THE is a dam inventory program specifically designed to track each dam’s productivity and genetic influence on her progeny. Through THE, the data submitted annually by thousands of breeders on their dams makes it possible to calculate maternal trait EPD with greater accuracy. In turn, this allows you, as a breeder, to make better-informed selection decisions by pinpointing the highest-performing cows in your herd.

Total Herd Enrollment

THE Benefits

  • Develop and Improve Female Records — A reproductive record on every cow, every year develops and improves maternal EPD, such as stayability and heifer pregnancy. It also enables an accurate calving interval to be calculated. 
  • Receive More Informative EPD  — Submitting data on the entire cow herd creates complete contemporary groups, which leads to more informative EPD, adjusted measurements, and herd reports. Submitting data for only a portion of the cow herd causes the contemporary group to be biased, ultimately leading to less informative data, ratios, and EPD.
  • Contribute to Genetic Improvement — All submitted data, association wide, is processed through the genetic evaluation weekly, allowing you to make breeding and replacement decisions with the most up to date and accurate information available.
  • Largest Multi-Breed Genetic Evaluation — All breeds utilize the same EPD base, eliminating the need to recalculate EPD by breed when comparing. 
  • Reduced-Cost or Free Registration — Registration fees for members enrolled in THE cost less and may even be free depending on the enrollment option. 
  • Performance Advocate Recognition — Breeders who submit data for 90% of their entire calf crop contemporary group for 8 of the 14 traits qualify as a Dedicated Performance Advocate. Those who submit data for 90% of their calf crop for 10 of the 14 traits qualify as Driven Performance Advocates.. Those who meet this designation are highlighted in the Late Fall SimTalk and online.
  • Free Online Data Reporting  — THE members can report data 24/7 according to their individual needs. Customizable reports help bring real-world value to the data you’ve collected.

Is THE For Me?

Total herd enrollment (THE) isn’t designed to meet everyone’s needs; however, it’s a valuable program for many producers. If you answer yes to at least two of the below questions, THE is for you:

  • Do I need registration papers?
  • Do I use AI breeding?
  • Do I run single sire breeding?
  • Do I run multi-sire breeding?
    • If yes, am I willing to parent verify at least my replacement females or  bulls selected for future breeding?
  • Do I collect individual calving data?
  • Do I need help selecting replacement females?


If you’re interested in participating in THE and would like more information, please fill out the THE inquiry form. An ASA team member will be in contact with you upon submission of the form.

THE Program Details

THE Enrollment Seasons and Deadlines

THE is broken up into two enrollment seasons:

Spring - Enrollment is open from October 15 to February 15 for cows that calve between January 1 to June 30. ($1.00 late fee applies to each dam enrolled after December 15).

Fall - Enrollment is open from April 15 to August 15 for cows that calve between July 1 to December 31. ($1.00 late fee applies to each dam enrolled after June 15).
Spring Calving Season

October 15:  Enrollment opens for the following spring calving season
December 15:  Last day to enroll cows calving the following spring season before receiving late enrollment fees 
February 15:  Spring enrollment closes
March 1:  Dam productivity/calving data due for the previous year’s spring calf crop
Fall Calving Season

April 15:  Enrollment opens for the following fall calving season
June 15:  Last day to enroll cows calving the following fall season before receiving late enrollment fees
August 15:  Fall enrollment closes
September 1:  Dam productivity/calving data due for the previous year’s fall calf crop

THE Enrollment Process

Once enrollment opens for each season, you will need to update your list of active dams by submitting an enrollment job online or by requesting a paper enrollment form.

To complete enrollment: 

  • Confirm all active dams are listed, including purchased dams, first time heifers or cows within your herd that are listed under associated accounts (juniors, partnerships etc).
  • Remove cows that have been culled, with provided removal codes.
  • Identify which payment option you wish to be enrolled in (see the Payment Options tab for more information).

Submitting Calf Data

The success of the THE program depends on the accurate reporting of data. Dams must have a calf reported for each season they are enrolled. If for some reason they do not have a calf to report, a productivity code must be used to explain what happened.

To report calves, individual calf data must be collected and reported. This includes:

  • Dam
  • Sire
  • Tattoo and location
  • Birthdate
  • Birth type (single, twin, ET, etc.)
  • AI breeding or natural breeding
  • Phenotypic data like weights, hip heights, and scrotal measurements to increase the value of your data

Payment Options

Option A (TR): Fits herds where the majority of the calf crop is registered (>45%) and EPD are utilized in selection decisions.
  • Every dam enrolled on inventory for $15.00/dam/year
  • Calves born in enrollment year and meeting all registration requirements are registered for FREE
  • Performance-based EPD returned on all calves, regardless of whether they are registered or reported
*If your herd is new to the database, other fees could apply, call to discuss your options.
If you have questions or wish to discuss your specific herd goals please call ASA at 406-587-4531 or email the@simmgene.com.

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