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ASA Board Meeting
ASA Chairman, Tim Curran and EVP, Wade Shafer encourage you to stay involved with your Association. Many of the committee and board meetings are virtual. Watch eNews or check frequently to stay informed of these meetings.
Monday, October 26, 2020, is the next scheduled board meeting. The agenda will be announced a few days before the meeting. Click here to register.
January’s committee, board, and annual meetings are in the works and will be announced as soon as all has been finalized.

DNA Department strongly recommends shipping with a tracking option.

As the busy season ramps up this fall, ASA’s DNA Department strongly recommends that members send all DNA samples in a tracked package. This can be through any carrier, so long as a tracking number is available. We also strongly suggest that kits are sent to members in a tracked package, as the extra cost can eliminate delays in regular USPS shipping, and also limit the chance of the package being lost in transit. Priority shipping is the only way to cut down on the time it takes to get a sample tested, as there are no priority options at the lab. Upon arrival at the lab, testing takes three to four weeks, and additional time is necessary for genomic panels to run through the evaluation. 

The ASA Board of Trustees recently approved the updated 100K genomic panel to qualify AI sires and donor dams.
Recently, Neogen updated their mid-level genomic panel from ~50,000 SNPs to ~100,000 SNPs. In Herdbook, animals with the former genomic panel are denoted with a 47K or C47K for Cow Herd DNA Roundup (CHR) samples. The current updated genomic panel is denoted with a 100K in Herdbook (C100K for CHR and A100K for Calf Crop Genomics samples).

The ASA Board of Trustees recently approved the updated 100K genomic panel to qualify AI sires and donor dams. Animals with a completed 100K, C100K, or A100K panel will automatically qualify as a donor dam or AI sire. Animals with a completed 47K panel will not qualify and must be re-tested at the 100K level in order to become an approved AI sire or donor dam.

The genomic panel cost to approve an AI sire or donor dam is now $50, and the add-on options and prices will remain the same. The 100K genomic panel continues to be our recommendation for animals that will make a large impact in your herd and is the only genomic panel with add-on pricing for coat color, horned/polled, and genetic condition panel. If you have any questions, please contact ASA's DNA Department.

Updates to birth weight ratio and collection method on HB.
The Board of Trustees recently passed a resolution to change the direction of the ratio for birth weights so that larger ratios will be assigned to animals with heavier birth weights in their contemporary group and vice versa. This resolution came about to try to standardize the direction of the ratios so that higher ratios uniformly mean more of that trait.

Also new in regard to birth weight, breeders can now indicate if they use hoof tape to estimate birth weight in Herdbook. There is a column called “BwMethod” next to the column where birth weights are entered in the animal entry page. If the weights were estimated using hoof tape, then simply put a T in the “BwMethod” column. If birth weights were obtained using a scale, there is no need to enter anything.

Announcements and Events

The American Simmental Association (ASA) has designated the newly formed Cattlemen’s Congress in Oklahoma City, OK as the 2020-2021 National Simmental Show

October 09, 2020 Events ASA
The ASA Board of Trustees met October 5th to discuss alternative plans due to the postponement of the 2021 National Western Stock Show. The Board voted to…

Industry News

ASA’s Membership Benefits — Are You Using These Tools?

October 22, 2020 Industry News ASA
It’s 2020. It’s been a rough year — for our finances, emotions, and health. During this time of uncertainty and unprecedented challenge, are you taking advantage of the time and money-saving products offered exclusively to active American Simmental…

Beef Abroad: Insights into the Scottish Cattle Industry

October 13, 2020 Industry News ASA
By Troy Rowan, Ph.D. Graduate Candidate at the University of Missouri | Editor's note: Troy Rowan, recent recipient of the Walton-Berry Graduate Student Support Grant, studied abroad at the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute in Scotland looking at…

ASA Spotlight

Iowa Simmental Association Recognizes the Doug and Sue Wenell Family

October 20, 2020 ASA Spotlight ASA
Editors Note: The following was submitted by Joyce Williams. In memory of her husband, Harold, a past ASA Trustee and lifelong member of the Iowa Simmental…

Eichacker Named Dakotafest Woman Farmer and Rancher-of-the-Year

October 18, 2020 ASA Spotlight ASA
Cathy Eichacker, Eichacker Simmentals, was recently named the South Dakota Woman Farmer and Rancher-of-the-Year, during a Dakotafest Women in Ag event.…

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Women of ASA

Down to the Genes Series

Focus on ASA Research Projects

August 06, 2020 DNA
By Jackie Atkins Ph.D., Rachel Endecott Ph.D., and Lilly Platts | With the recent launch of the Calf Crop Genomics project, the ASA has three research genotyping programs available to members. This month’s Down to the Genes article highlights unique tips for DNA testing through Cow Herd DNA Roundup, Carcass Expansion Project, and Calf Crop Genomics. Thanks to the partnership between IGS and…


SimTalk Magazine

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the Register

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Featured Preview: Fleckvieh is Deeply Rooted in Holland

Back to Basics

October 12, 2020

Herdbook Updates! Read All About It!

in Back to Basics by ASA
By Sheldon Ross, Lead Developer, and Systems Administrator | Inactive Animals Shaded Red on Animal List Previously, using the animal search tool to take stock of active animals was an issue, because as a historical record of ownership, the animal search wouldn’t separate current from disposed animals. The new red shading option to mark disposed animals… read more

Working Ranch Half Time Show 

Half Time Show

 Catch the latest in cattle industry news, stories of the rancher/cowboy, listener response, cowboy poetry and music, rodeo action and much much more.

IGS and the Pursuit of Better Cattle


I G S      S T A N D      T O G E T H E R

International Genetic Solutions (IGS) continues to reshape the cattle industry. Beef industry leaders from across the nation share how IGS benefits cattlemen and women, and how it will continue to evolve through the power of collaboration. Visit to learn more. 



The world's largest multi-breed beef cattle evaluation partners with the industry's leading genomics company. Here's what it means for ranchers.IGS Feeder Profit CalculatorTM - Marketing Backed by Genetics.
"We're extremely proud of the collaboration we have with IGS. It really is the first of its kind in the world," says Stewart Bauck, vice president of Agrigenomics for Neogen Genomics. "We will, along with IGS, be developing and refining a set of tools that we can make available to commercial producers so they can select superior females in a multi-breed or crossbreeding operation."  Read more


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