Multi-breed Genetic Evaluation

No one has more data. No one uses it more effectively.

The American Simmental Association is proud to be a part of IGS, an unprecedented collaboration between progressive breed associations and the world’s largest agricultural DNA firm who are committed to enhancing commercial profitability. The collaboration has yielded one of the world’s largest genetic evaluations of beef cattle with over 22 million animals and 600,000 genotypes.

The proof is in the data.

American Simmental Association members have directly benefited from ASA's relationship with IGS by nearly DOUBLING the Simmental-relevant data and adding more than 2.1 MILLION progeny records from other IGS partner breeds that directly tie to ASA-specific animals and pedigrees.

The EPD calculation system employed by IGS has improved the genetic evaluation system by accurately accounting for heterosis and breed differences. This breakthrough empowers commercial producers to make direct comparisons of animals’ genetic merit, regardless of breed composition. Furthermore, it equips the IGS genetic evaluation with the ability to furnish predictive EPD, precise EPD accuracies, optimal utilization of genomics, and refined beef cattle selection tools accessible to all stakeholders.

IGS Mission and Philosophy

International Genetic Solutions exists to provide simple and effective genetic tools to serve the beef business using cutting-edge science and collaboration by fostering industry partnerships with diverse perspectives and organizations, while honoring the autonomy of the individuals and groups involved. At IGS, the unending pursuit of truth and facts, in greater service to the beef industry at large, takes precedence over the interests of any given group or organization.

Core Values
Service to the global beef industry
Science Driven
Effective and Efficient genetic tools
Collaborative and Inclusive while honoring Autonomy
Unending Pursuit of Truth

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