Cow Herd DNA Roundup (CHR)

Cow Herd Roundup (CHR) is an established research program through the American Simmental Association (ASA) and in collaboration with Neogen. Launched in 2018, the program has been widely successful for participating breeders, giving them the opportunity to not only genotype their entire cow herd at a heavily discounted price, but rapidly improve genomic predictions and genetic progress.


Benefits of Participating Members

  1. Discounted Pricing and Additional Rebates. The GGP-100K genomic panel is offered at half the price of standard testing — reduced from $50 down to only $25/head. Participating members also qualify for a $5 rebate/head if they submit mature weights with body condition scores (BCS) and/or hip height on 90% of the cows tested.

  1. Parentage Verification and Selection Decisions. Adding genomics to genetic predictions is similar to knowing 10 to 25 progeny records on that animal — which is more than a lifetime of progeny records for most cows.  Add to that, the benefit of confirming the pedigrees and you can see why so many members have jumped at this opportunity. The current error rate in parentage reporting is estimated at 7%. Confirming reported pedigrees for all enrolled cows through genomic testing will not only increase the accuracy of EPD predictions, but parentage markers will be kept on file for future progeny comparisons.

  1. Discounted Trait Testing. Trait testing is considerably less expensive when ordered with  a genomic panel compared to ordering just the simple trait.  Add-on price discounts can be viewed here.

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Minimum Requirements for CHR Enrollment

Members must submit DNA samples on at least 90% of their entire cow herd in order to be eligible for CHR and associated rebates. Only calving-aged cows over 18 months of age qualify for CHR. Heifer calves and replacement heifers that are less than 18 months of age are not eligible to participate. 

Other requirements include:

  • Only tissue samples (TSUs) will be accepted for the CHR project.
  • Cows must be registered or placed on-file with an ASA number.
  • Only animals with EPD displayed prior to DNA testing will receive genomically enhanced EPD. 
  • All sample information must be provided on the electronic DNA order form.
  • The project agreement form must be signed and submitted. 

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