American Simmental Association  Executive Vice President Position Description 


The American Simmental Association (ASA) believes the best way to serve its members, its members’ customers, and the beef industry is through continual improvement and use of genetic and associated technologies. As such, the Association will continue to be a worldwide leader in the development and integration of these technologies for the beef industry. 

 The Association will initiate and foster relationships with like-minded entities to enhance our ability to achieve this objective. The Association will be widely recognized as having an unyielding commitment to scientific principles and as a hub for the industry’s most progressive seedstock producers — an organization that is extremely cooperative with all facets of the industry and tirelessly devoted to the success of its members and its members’ customers.


JOB SUMMARYThe Executive Vice President (EVP) is hired and employed by the Board of Trustees. This person manages and administers the business affairs of the Association in accordance with the policy directives from the Board of Trustees. This person is the official custodian of the seal and records of the Association. 

The EVP is the managing and administrative officer of the Association and acts as the authorized representative of the Board of Trustees in conducting the business of the Association. This position carries the responsibility for all securities and monies of the Association and directs keeping of proper books of accounts. This person will hire and discharge all other employees of the Association.

The EVP will ensure orderly conduct of Association business including when absent from office and develop, to the highest degree possible, professional and management abilities within the Association employees. This includes keeping abreast of current and desired administrative practices and implementing those well suited to the Association. A positive, enthusiastic, and healthy environment is expected for trustees, committees, and employees to work well together.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES The EVP is responsible for facilitating, delegating, and overseeing (but not limited to) the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Administrative officer of Association and authorized representative of the Board of Trustees.
  • ASA Board of Trustee meetings, Executive Committee meetings, and hearings.
  • Manage and administer business affairs of the Association as Chief Executive Officer.
  • Liaison and authority working with legal counsel(s).
  • Commitment and authority working with International Genetics Solutions (IGS) partners and associates.
  • Maintain effective promotion and public relations programs for the Association.
  • Chief Executive Officer of the official publication, ASA Publication, Inc.
  • Protect and maintain all confidential, proprietary, trade secret, or other intellectual property of the ASA.
  • Ensure ASA representation to other appropriate agriculture and industry organizations.
  • Maintain, advance, and promote: performance records, registry, databases, DNA/genomics, and genetic abnormalities and defects. Analyze data and publicize results. Providing tools for ASA members and industry.
  • Monitor & review: Rules & Bylaws, Mission Statement, Core Policies. Enforce provisions contained therein.
  • Commitment to current goals of the Association, yearly strategic planning, and development of future goals.
  • American Simmental-Simbrah Foundation support and leadership.


EXPECTATIONS – As the Association managing and administrative officer there are expectations of industry relations, policies and procedures carried out by staff under the EVP’s direction. Current (but not limited to) expectations include the following.

    • Administration.
      • Management structure and responsibilities.
      • Review current goals of the breed, assist in the strategic planning,  and development of future goals.
      • Protect and maintain all confidential, proprietary, trade secret, or other intellectual property of the ASA.
  • Understand, monitor, and review the Rules & Bylaws, Mission Statement, Core Policies, and enforce provisions contained therein
    • Maintain ASA’s industry leadership.
      • Research & development / science and technology.
      • DNA/genomics.
        • Advancing Expected Progeny Differences (EPD), Indexes, traits.
        • Genetic abnormalities and defects identification and tracking.
      • Database – Maintain and advance the largest multi-breed database.
        • Data, software and hardware/servers.
        • Champion the continued research, development, and growth.
      • Maintain and advance data collection and performance analysis to best provide tools for the membership and their customers.
        • ASA Registry.
        • Reports / tools available.
        • Programs offered.
        • Genetic defects and abnormalities (TraitTrac Program).
      • International Genetic Solution (IGS) partners and associates.
        • Understand the contribution and relevance of maintaining these relationships.
      • Public relations, advertising and promotion.
        • Attendance at major ASA events.
        • Advertising and promotion.
        • Representation to other appropriate industry organizations.
    • Fiduciary.
      • Annual budget / annual audit by a CPA firm.
      • Investments.
      • Expenditures.
      • Financial stability.
  • Personnel – all aspects of employment.
    • Hiring, discharge, salaries.
  • Managing Board of Trustees’ meetings.
    • Agendas, background/supporting documents for agenda items.
    • Liaison with ASA Board of Trustees’ chairperson and committee chairpersons to assist all committees in accomplishing their tasks.
    • Minutes and publishing approved minutes.
    • Appeals.
  • Executive Committee.
    • Interpretation of Rules and Bylaws.
    • Waivers – Documentation and recommendation.
    • Hearings.

COMMITMENTS – Current agreements and contracts. 

  • Membership.
    • International Genetics Solutions (IGS) Multi-breed Genetic Evaluation.
      • Largest genetic database in the world (twenty-two million animal records / 600,000 Genomic records).
      • Service ASA’s members and members’ customers – genetic improvement of commercial beef cattle. 
      • Goals of:
        • Service to the global beef industry, science-driven.
        • Effective and efficient genetic tools.
        • Collaborative and inclusive while honoring autonomy.
        • Benefit to ASA members: Substantially increases overall accuracy of EPD on ASA population due to a dramatic increase of data on  related animals coming from IGS partners. 
  • IGS “partners”/associates – agreements with 20+ submitting data into the IGS database. 
  • IGS Collaboration – science team and university R&D agreements. 
    • Genetic Evaluation/maintenance and advancement. 
  • R&D / Genetic Evaluation development

REQUIREMENTS – Education and Experience Requirements.

  • Preferred, previously or currently serving in a leadership role at least five or more years, i.e., marketing, as a director or held the position of EVP/President/CEO of an organization.
  • Three to five or more years of experience managing staff.
  • Prior experience working with the public (members).
  • In-depth understanding of the industry — all aspects of a diverse company like ASA.
  • Strong understanding of corporate finance and performance management principles.
  • Open to discussion regarding living in Bozeman, Montana.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS – The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met in order to successfully perform essential functions of the job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Functions include, but are not limited to, the ability to talk and communicate sufficiently to exchange accurate information. Easily move about to various indoor and outdoor locations and at times remain in a stationary position for extended periods of time. Travel throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. There may be other international travel to other countries.

CALL TO ACTION – All who are interested in this position are encouraged to send a letter of inquiry and resumes to: 

ASA Legal Counsel: jmersen@kkmlaw.net and 

the Executive Committee Members:

ASA Chairman: Chris Ivie / iviejc@usit.net

Vice Chairman: Victor G.Guerra / vgg03@aol.com

Treasurer: Scott Trennepohl / sttrennepohl@yahoo.com

Executive Position: Chad Cook / bridlebitsimm@gmail.com

Executive Position: Ryan Thorson / ryanthorson7@gmail.com


Subject line: ASA EVP Position

Letter of inquiries and resumes will continue to be accepted until the next Executive Vice President is hired.

For inquiries by phone, please call ASA Board Chairman, Chris Ivie, at 931-215-0316. 


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